LAVEEN, AZ (3TV /CBS5 ) -- Some family members in Laveen who dedicate their lives to getting people on two wheels, needs your help in getting their wheels turning again.

“Sometimes it’s a struggle trying to find the right seat,” said Roman Navarro.

Often it’s like a puzzle.

“Maybe this will fit, maybe,” his son Angel Raya said.

It takes time to figure out which parts will make it all click.

“Like four hours, five hours,” said Angel.

“Every day?” asked reporter Briana Whitney.

“Yeah!” he laughed.

The 11-year-old Angel is to blame… or to thank... for the family garage full of more than a hundred bicycles.

“I’ve never thought of an idea like that until that moment, and it led up to being a really big thing to do in life,” said Angel.

It all started last year, when Angel and his dad found a man on Facebook selling a blue bike, which was Angel's first bike. And the man selling it told them he also fixed up bikes and gave them to those who couldn't afford them.

That’s when the wheels in Angel’s mind started turning.

“I actually asked my dad if we could do it,” he said.

“He said, ‘Hey seriously, can we do that in the neighborhood? I said, let me try,” said Roman.

Roman made a Facebook page asking for donations of old bikes and bike parts, to fix up themselves, then give away.

“I ended up with one bike, and then two, and then five, and then 20,” he said. “It’s blown up since.”

They now run a non-profit called "GivinBak BIKES." They've teamed up with “We-Cycle USA,” but they’re running low on parts.

“We’re in need of almost everything like tubes, seats,” said Angel.

Eventually they hope to move their "home office" to somewhere bigger, but for now, their garage will have to do.

And what they never knew was that a garage full of bikes would be the missing piece to their puzzle... and now a piece of their family.

“Be thankful of what you have and care about others and share with others,” said Angel.

If you’d like to donate bike parts and supplies to them, you can visit their Facebook page

You can also call them at: 602-743-3515.


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