FLAGSTAFF (3TV/CBS 5) − A Northern Arizona University student’s master’s thesis landed him not only an advanced degree, but bragging rights as a social media sensation and a tweet from Kim Kardashian.

Corderro McMurry decided to write his master’s thesis in communications on celebrity news. He chose Kim Kardashian’s 2016 robbery in Paris as a case study to examine the newsworthiness of celebrity coverage and whether social media is changing journalism.

Last week, the NAU student journalist marked the completion of his thesis with a tweet: “After taking an extra year, 68 pages, long nights & early mornings, I finally graduated with my Master’s degree!”

He added, “@KimKardashian YOOO I have to get you a copy. The thesis focuses on you.”

McMurry also tagged two celebrity news sites in the post. A few retweets later, Kim herself responded.

“Congrats!!!! Can I get a copy?” she wrote.

“I was literally screaming, a loss for words. I was dancing around. I was like YES!” McMurry said in an interview.

He said the thread began trending in several countries over the weekend.

"Everyone is like, ‘Yo, are you going to send her a copy?’ And I'm like, well yes, I'd love to. I just don't know how to get it to her.”

McMurry will graduate Friday. He plans to pursue a career in celebrity news.

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(3) comments


He wants to pursue a career in celebrity news?!?!? Wow, hope the thousands of students loans are worth it working for Buzzfeed.


Just another reason to rue the current state of academic integrity ...


I second that.

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