Sen. John McCain's family is mourning the loss of his beloved dog, Burma

Sen. John McCain's family is mourning the loss of his beloved dog, Burma

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Days after announcing the death of the late Sen. John McCain’s beloved dog, Cindy McCain explained what happened. Burma drowned, she said on a network program.

When Cindy McCain originally posted news of Burma’s death on Instagram last Monday, she said her husband’s constant companion, died in a “tragic accident,” but did not elaborate.

[ORIGINAL STORY: McCain family mourning after John McCain's dog dies in 'tragic accident']

John McCain's dog, Burma

"She had a freak accident, and she drowned," McCain said on the April 12 edition of NBC Nightly News. "So, she's with him now. He's throwing sticks to her up there, and they're having a great time. Because she would never leave his side."

Both she and her daughter, Meghan, said on social media that the late senator was Burma’s favorite human. Both seemed to take some comfort in that, posting that Burma was "absolutely and truly devoted" to Sen. John McCain, and is "now frolicking with the one she loved most."

John McCain's dog, Burma

While Cindy McCain did not share any details about the drowning, the dog's death opened wounds that had barely started to heal.

"I told my friends it was a bit like losing him all over again," she said.

Burma was very much a part of the McCain family and was there when Meghan married Ben Domenech in 2017.

Burma was present at Meghan McCain's wedding.

Burma was present at Meghan McCain's wedding.

The senator died in August 2018 after a long battle with an aggressive brain cancer. 

In February, Cindy McCain posted a photo of Burma, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, at her husband's grave marker overlooking Hidden Valley.

Burma at grave marker

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Well, the mystery of how the dog died is now resolved.


They should never own an animal.

JF Conlon

Dogs don't belong to political parties. Neither does grief.


WHO REALLY CARES? The turncoat is dead and six feet under where he is serving society better than he ever could alive.


Why are you so angry. Go try to do something kind for someone. Make a friend.


We've all lost beloved pets. This is news? :/ How about researching border crossings and reporting on that? How about researching the affects of pot on young, developing brains, or the affect of the smoke on lungs? Maybe an article about the affects vaccines have on the mutations of pathogens? How about the hypocrisy of why we can carelessly abort babies yet if a pregnant woman is murdered the assailant is charged with 2 counts? How about anything substantive?


This is local news, FFS. Search elsewhere for Pulitzer-prize winning shitt.


This is obviously a no news day Tuishimi. Of course we are stuck with whatever the RINO McStains do for the rest of our lives.


"effect(s), not "affect(s)". Vaccines aren't known to affect mutations.

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