JetSuiteX aircraft

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) – Soon Phoenicians will have the option of taking 30-seat jets with fares starting at $79 one-way to Burbank, Las Vegas, and Oakland.

JetSuiteX advertises a luxury experience for the cost of a commercial flight.

The luxury flights advertise up to three pieces of complimentary checked baggage and 36 inches of leg room. Passengers also are provided complimentary snacks and beverages, including in-flight cocktails.

The jets provide free inflight messaging, with power outlets at every row and quick, effortless security screening process that meets and exceeds TSA requirements.

Tickets can be booked starting today through Oct. 31, 2019, at

JetSuiteX will begin flights from Phoenix to Burbank starting on Aug. 30, with three flights daily operating out of southwest side of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Phoenix to Las Vegas on Sept. 12, with four daily flights.

Phoenix to Oakland on Oct. 1 with three daily flights as well.


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(5) comments


I read these comments and think how lucky I am to live in such a positive and supportive community. No one on here seems jaded at all.


"Azalea" - Have you met "nuusmaan" on here yet?? She's a pollyanna just like you.


They'll last about six weeks. Sadly it's just not a sustainable business model in that industry. Many, many others have tried this exact same model and failed.


Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. [scared]


So- you go to the JetSuiteX site, & on "The Experience" tab, it's all photos of Instagram "models"- that look like women who do videos for the adult industry. I have never heard of any of these women- Tupperware chests and all, and this is JetSuiteX business model?? They need FIRE their PR person, ASAP. It would make any serious traveler very, very nervous.

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