PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A CBS 5 Investigates analysis of hundreds of thousands of speeding tickets from Scottsdale to Peoria, Mesa to Phoenix and freeways in between show that the speed at which drivers are most likely to receive speeding tickets varies widely, depending on the agency patrolling the roadways.

The highest number of speeding tickets issued in the City of Phoenix so far in 2018, were issued to drivers who were traveling at 11 miles per hour over the speed limit.

In Scottsdale, the magic number was 15 miles per hour over the limit.

In Peoria, it was 20 miles per hour over the limit.

Mesa was 11 miles per hour.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies and Department of Public Safety troopers issued more tickets for 20 miles per hour over than any other speed.

Those findings do not mean that drivers would not get ticketed for driving at speeds closer to the speed limit.

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According to the analysis, in Phoenix and Mesa, the lowest speed at which drivers were substantially likely to get a ticket the same as above. That is, 11 mph over the limit.

In Scottsdale that speed dropped to 14 mph. In Peoria and Maricopa County, that speed was 15 mph. On the freeways, the speed was just 10 mph over the limit.

Alberto Gutier, who heads the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highways Safety told CBS 5 Investigates that any speed greater than the limit puts motorists in danger. According to his research, excessive speed is one of the two leading factors in fatal crashes.

"If you get into a crash at 70 versus 55, the consequences are much greater," said Gutier.

According to statistics his office keeps, fatal crashes are on pace to reach a 10-year high. 

"With a lack of officers in some communities, it's not easy," said Gutier, referring to the fact that some government police agencies are below the ideal number of officers.

Gutier says that may be one reason why the speeds at which drivers are most likely to receive citations appear high.

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