Mother and daughter arrested in raid of Tempe pain management facility

Jelina Ip (left) and Alane Ip (right) arrested in a DEA raid of their pain management facility. 

TEMPE (3TV/CBS 5) -- Drug Enforcement Administration agents have arrested a mother and daughter after a raid Thursday morning at their Tempe pain management center.  

According to the DEA, Jelina Ip, a naturopathic medical doctor, and her mother, Alane Ip, were arrested after agents served warrants at Ava Pain Management, formerly known as White Cranes Medical Center. Investigators say the pair was over-prescribing pain medication.

The DEA began its investigation into White Cranes Medical Center in October 2017 and found that the Ips were living at the facility. 

According to documents from the Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board, Dr. Ip was being investigated for misdiagnosing patients, prescribing medications that she was not authorized to prescribe, and issuing large quantities of a controlled substance without proper exams or diagnostic testing. 

Dr. Ip was served with a suspension order, eliminating her ability to prescribe controlled substances. 

The Ips changed the business name to Ava Pain Management. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services says that the clinic was not licensed under either name. Starting in January 2019, it is required for pain management clinics to apply for a license through the state. 

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The DEA said Dr. Ip wrote more than 1.6 million dosage units in their prescriptions in 18 months, 1.4 million (85%) of which were for opioids.

The Ips face dozens of criminal charges including fraud, illegal administration of a narcotic and illegal administration of a dangerous drug.


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(30) comments


Actually Jelina hasn't EVER prescribed narcotics. She had pain Drs working at her practice because she was never a pain Dr. So don't believe everything you read because they always try to make it sound so much worse in the news. Mark my words, jelina and her mother will NOT be found guilty. They really did nothing wrong and if the Dr was over prescribing it was not jelina nor her mothers fault because they themselves were not writing the prescriptions. It was the Drs they had working for them!! So my question is, why are they not arrested??

Just saying01

[alien] unfortunately all Dr's are legal drug dealers- every single Rx filled the Dr gets paid regardless of the medication! Change your diet- consume cannabis and you won't need meds/pain pills! Speaking from a former pain management patient!
🌿Plants over pills any day🌿


I feel really really BAD for the legit patients who were in pain ----they now are faced with a HUGE tolerance, and no one---absolutely no one will prescribe anything close to what they were getting- so they have to go thru some rough times to get down to the levels of morphine equivalence that (no medical doctors) did not decide was an appropriate level, the GOVERNMENT decided what was too much. So if you are going to a pain clinic like this- you are going to have a RUDE awakening next appt you go to---I wish these patients- especially the sincere ones who followed the rules- I hope they can get thru this quickly and as painlessly as possible.


I take hydrocodone for bone on bone in my back while waiting to have surgery.

This article comes at me in two ways:
- I'm happy that someone whom never should have had access to prescribe these medications has been caught.
- It shines another nasty light on those of us that take opiates for diagnosed conditions and makes it much harder for us to get them.


boo hoo. it was patients selling pain medication that created the fake crisis all so they can earn a buck and then now what do we have? Oh no, look at me. I can't get pills anymore.


Look it at all the baby boomers trying to defend these drug dealer criminals.. Baby boomers are garbage. They even destroyed their Keurig's when the company spoke against a child predator running for office.

Baby boomer are garbage and this country's first drug addicts.. They used the Rx of opioids to hide their addictions. They throw dog feces at our troops and called them baby killers. They flew the flag of our enemies during protest. Boomers are a disgusting generation and M.A.G.A will only happen after they are all gone.


Heck let people do what they want. If we can drink alcohol and use tobacco products let's legalize Marijuana. The smartest. Country's used opium Egypt Rome Greece Germany Nazy.
It's ok when black folks OD. But when white folks OD. Now it's a epidemic.


These women are not criminals. They tried to start an honest practice offering holistic and natural medicine, however, the MDs made sure no insurance companies would cover natural medicine treatments and they caused them to go broke. The real criminals are the allopathic medical doctors who try to made a monopoly of their type of medicine and ensure natural medicine is destroyed. I blame the American Medical Association.


1.4 million opioid scripts in 18 months? Quit making excuses. These people are drug dealers in it for profit. You must be doing the same thing in order to defend this behavior.


When people defend a person accused of something it means they themselves are doing the act that the accused is alleged to have done? That's an absurd thing to think.


I applaud you for seeing thru these pill mongers. I was assigned these so called DOCTORS by United Health Care as my primary care office. Yes there was a so called MD in the office. By the grace of GOD I got out of there in 2 months. There was an 6-8 hour wait and drug addicted panicked people all about paying a fee to move up the line like it was Disneyland. I reported them to UHC and the DEA.


Additionally I NEVER got any type of Narcotic here. Just thyroid medication. Although they certainly offered twice.


Dr LL. REALLY and you believe that these woman aren’t criminals? You must have been one of their clients. Your the definition of “A True Fuc***g idiot “


Dr LL, They aren't criminals, drug pushers, dealers or anything or the sort. It's heartbreaking as it is. Comments from folks who don't know anything makes things even worse.


They are criminals. "The Arizona Department of Health Services says that the clinic was not licensed under either name. Starting in January 2019, it is required for pain management clinics to apply for a license through the state." They were operating a practice without registering, and the so-called doctor was prescribing medications that she wasn't authorized to prescribe. Illegal is illegal, and that's why they were arrested.


HitYou - Do you have proof of your allegations?


Prosecute these drug dealers for role in ruining lives and families. Also put Purdue Pharma out of business and prosecute the Sack family, manufacturer of Oxycontin, which targeted demographics with their opioid poison. Thousands have died and thousands of families have been destroyed because of that targeting.


@Daddy, Dr. Ip hasn't seen a single patient in over 8 months. These are NOT drug pushers nor dealers or anything of the sort. I'm truly sorry that your misguided but, unless you know their family and how the clinic is really run then you really ought not make slanderous comments. Everything they've been accused of is as polar opposite of how The Ip's have run the clinic.


I won't deny what you said couibe true. I know police and prosecutors lie all the time to make cases sound worse than they are and sometimes lie just to make a case that wouldn't exist through truth. This is why there are so many innocent people in prison. So, if what's written in the article is true then apply my previous statement.


"The DEA said Dr. Ip wrote more than 1.6 million prescriptions in 18 months, 1.4 million (85%) of which were for opioids."
So, 1.4 million divided by 18 months divided by 20 days per month (give weekends off) is 3,889 per work day or 486 per hour or 8 per minute. So, the doctor looks at 8 patients per minute for 18 months straight and writes a prescription for them? Yep, sure.


All that math for nothing! They said she prescribed that many doses, not individual prescriptions


Nope, I put in quotes what they said. The editors changed it. But still, that is 8 doses per minute for 18 months. You have no issue with that? Seems to me they were stamping lots of prescriptions without full diagnosis

JF Conlon

Agree completely with both comments below. Also wonder how much 'hype' on pain meds is due to news media, especially the enormous amounts coming through holes in the Wall.


Drug related deaths due to pain killers is now the second leading cause of death in the U.S. In Denial.


thats absolutely FALSE and RIDICULOUS. heart is 1- about 640K deaths per year, cancer is 2- not far behind, accidents are #3- 170K, ---#10 is Flu- like 60K. So you are saying that "Pain killer" related deaths are in the mid 600,000 people per year in the US? Thats a bunch of deaths, a bunch of prescriptions and pain meds- wow. The 1-10 causes of death are found on the CDC website.


Criminals such as these making it bad for those that really need pain medication. Give them the max.


@WarVet, Criminals? I could swear they haven't had their day in court, nor have you heard patients speak up. It's the drug thirsty, Dr. shoppers, drug abusers that created this mess. Those who can defend her will do so in court. Slander is a ugly thing![sad]


Well, sure, they're criminals, that's why they were arrested. They got caught dealing drugs recklessly, not caring about the harm done to their patients. Oh, and it's not considered slander if there is an element of truth to it. They were arrested for a reason. One other thing in your comment that I find ludicrous is that the drug abusers did NOT start this mess, it's doctors like the one above that did. They wouldn't be abusing these medications if she wasn't handing them out like candy. Please, get real.


The true opioid problem. A drug dealer in a doctors disguise



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