PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- “The baby’s turning blue! The baby’s turning blue!"

Phoenix police have just released the dramatic 911 call that launched the investigation into the woman living in a vegetative state at Hacienda Healthcare who became pregnant and gave birth.

[SECTION: Hacienda Healthcare pregnancy investigation]

Police said officers were called to the Hacienda facility on Dec. 29 on a call of an infant who had "coded."

When officers arrived "they found a woman in her 20s, who was incapacitated, who had delivered a baby. The baby was in distress. The woman and the baby were transported to a local hospital."

A 911 call released Friday, Jan. 11 sheds light on the moments when a nurse at Hacienda first called for help.

The call, which lasts just over five minutes, is a recording of a nurse talking with dispatchers about the baby who was not breathing and "turning blue."

She said the infant was not responsive, and that CPR was being performed.

The nurse also repeatedly told the 911 dispatcher they were not aware the patient was pregnant and that it was a "complete surprise."

[LISTEN: Hear for yourself what the nurse told the 911 dispatcher (Note: there are periods of silence to protect the patient's identity.)]

Then, about four minutes into the call, the nurse tells the dispatcher that the baby was showing signs of life. The baby can be heard crying in the background.

Here is some of the conversation heard during the 911 call:

Caller: “The baby’s turning blue! The baby’s turning blue!" (Screaming)

Caller: “One of our patients just had a baby and we had no idea she was pregnant."

Caller: “The baby is turning blue! We need someone now.”


911 dispatcher: "Mom is doing OK?"

Caller: “We had no idea this patient was pregnant.”

Caller: “Is the baby breathing? The baby is not breathing; baby is blue."


911:"Are they doing CPR?

Caller:They’re doing CPR on the baby.”


911: "How's mom doing?"

Caller: “Looks like she’s doing well. We had no idea this person was pregnant. We had no idea this patient was pregnant."

911: "Does she know how far along she was?"

Caller: "We have no idea; this is a complete surprise. We were not expecting this.”


911: "Is the baby responsive?"

Caller. "No, the baby is not responsive. They're doing compressions and they're suctioning the baby."

Caller: "Mom is doing fine... So far she looks stable."

[Then, 4:50 into the call]

Caller: "The baby's breathing! The baby's breathing! Oh my God. Thank God."

911: Is that the baby crying?"

Caller: (Baby crying in background) "That's the baby crying."

Police are investigating this incident as a sexual assault against the 29-year-old woman, who has been a patient at Hacienda Healthcare since she was three years old.

Investigators are working to find the suspect who impregnated the victim, and have obtained DNA samples from men who work at the Phoenix nursing facility.

Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said DNA was gathered from "a large number of individuals."

"DNA will be one of our key tools in this investigation," Thompson said.

Police are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact the Phoenix Police Department Violent Crimes Bureau at 602-262-6141. If a caller wishes to remain anonymous, he or she can contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS or 480-TESTIGO for Spanish.

"We are now at a point where we need assistance from the community," said Thompson.


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It is an unconscionable cruelty to leave a human being in a vegetative state like this. We treat stray dogs more humanely.


I don't agree with it either, but that's not your child. Maybe the mother can't let go.

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