PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- On the same day we learned that maggots were found on a Hacienda Healthcare patient, state health officials announced they were considering revoking Hacienda's license.

On Friday evening, the Arizona Department of Health Services announced it had issued a "Notice of Intent" to revoke the license of Hacienda Healthcare.

[WATCH: DHS may revoke Hacienda HealthCare's license following maggots incident]

ADHS released the following statement:

"This evening, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) issued a Notice of Intent to Revoke the license of the Hacienda De Los Angeles' Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (Hacienda ICF-IID). Based on findings from a recent survey and an extremely disturbing incident involving inadequate patient care that was reported to and investigated by ADHS this week, the Department has determined strong and immediate action is necessary to further protect the Hacienda ICF-IID residents.

The Notice of Intent to Revoke allows for the Department to have increased accountability and oversight of the facility and does not mean Hacienda must immediately shut down. ADHS will continue to work with the Hacienda ICF-IID to ensure there is no interruption of services. The Notice does not impact other facilities managed by Hacienda Healthcare, Inc.

While this action is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the residents at Hacienda, ADHS understands this may cause concern to the families with loved ones at the Hacienda ICF-IID as this is the only home many of the patients have known. ADHS staff will be on site at the Hacienda ICF-IID and working with other state agencies to make sure that patients and families are receiving the quality and compassionate care they deserve.

The health and safety of the residents of the Hacienda ICF-IID remain a top priority of ADHS. The State's goal is to ensure they continue to live in a safe environment and maintain the continuity of care for these vulnerable residents."

Earlier in the day Friday, ADHS and other state agencies launched a probe related to patient safety at Hacienda HealthCare after maggots were found on a man receiving care there.

[WATCH: 'They keep us in the dark,' mom of Hacienda HealthCare patient says of facility]

Staff at Hacienda alerted state officials after maggots were discovered Wednesday around a surgical opening called a stoma in the patient's throat, according to a Hacienda spokesman. A stoma is an opening for a tracheostomy tube.

The 28-year-old patient was in the Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, according to Arizona Department of Health Services spokesman Chris J. Minnick.

[WATCH: Maggots found on patient's neck at Hacienda HealthCare facility in Phoenix]

The patient was taken to a hospital Wednesday for evaluation and returned to Hacienda the same day, according to Hacienda spokesman David Leibowitz.

Leibowitz said "a few" maggots were in the patient's bandages and near the incision. He said the insects did not enter the patient's trachea.

Despite the intervention, more maggots were discovered on the patient's neck Thursday at Hacienda and he was taken back to the hospital, Leibowitz said.

As of Friday, the patient had not returned to Hacienda.

Arizona's Family's inside source said when she heard about maggots found at the surgical opening of a 28-year-old patient's throat, it jogged her memory to many years ago.

“We had a patient that had a wound on her leg,” she said.

Se said maggots got in that patient's wound, which is the only other time she recalls this happening.

But she said with that incident, they realized how fast maggots could hatch from eggs.

“The fly can land, the maggots can hatch between dressings,” she said.  “Those individuals would have care every 12 hours, every shift.”

Our source said she's not surprised they were found in that area on his body.

“Constant movement in the area, cleaning secretions, changing the dressing, changing the tubing, there is always something there that could cause it to bleed a little,” she said.

She said this patient was in the ICF unit, and his medical case is severe.

“He’s extremely limited. He’s totally dependent on care,” she said.

“Would you call it similar to the patient that was raped and gave birth?” asked reporter Briana Whitney.

“Yes,” she said.

Arizona's Family was the first to report the maggot issue Friday, one day after Phoenix police released hundreds of pages of documents related to its investigation of a nurse accused of raping a paralyzed and mentally disabled patient. The patient gave birth in December, without anyone on the staff knowing she was pregnant.

[ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE STORY: Woman in vegetative state gives birth at HaciendaHealthCare  in Phoenix]

After the discovery of the maggots, Leibowitz said Hacienda staff members examined every patient with a surgical incision and have found no other issues.

"We're looking at all the possible ways this could have happened," said Leibowitz. "Multiple agencies and multiple medical providers have surveyed the facility and there have been no additional findings against the facility."

Exterminators visited the facility twice and a contractor is working to install blower fans on exterior doors to keep insects from entering the facility, he said. Maggots are the larvae of flies. Leibowitz said the working hypothesis is that a fly entered the building and laid eggs.

A spokesman for the Arizona Department of Health Services said Hacienda alerted the state agency about the issue.

"The highest priority of ADHS is to ensure the health and safety of all patients at the facility. ADHS surveyors are currently on site at Hacienda conducting an investigation," Minnick said. "ADHS cannot discuss any details about an ongoing investigation."

[SPECIAL SECTION: Hacienda HealthCare investigation]

Other state agencies, including the Arizona Department of Economic Security, were involved in the probe.

"DES is aware of potential issues related to the medical care of a patient at Hacienda Healthcare. Our staff is onsite (sic) and is working with its sister agencies, DHS and AHCCCS, to conduct an investigation. The Department is not able to discuss this matter as it is an ongoing investigation," said spokeswoman Tasya Peterson.

An Arizona's Family reporter who visited Hacienda HealthCare Friday noted that the large sign outside the facility had been removed. Leibowitz said the sign was taken down "for security reasons," but he declined to elaborate.

A smaller Hacienda sign remains on the facility's front wall.


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(33) comments


I heard rumors that the mother demanded she only clean the wound. She is the one that also found the maggots and Hacienda reported it and again the mother took over care of the wound and again found maggots. I don't know but I think at this point it would be a very good time to go after Hacienda for money.... Takes 8 to 20 hours to hatch and to reach the first of 3 levels. He went 2 times which means someone didn't get them all or it sounds like someone threw it in there. I don't know. Can't believe everything you hear on the news. You don't hear the whole story.


Maggots are on dead people all of the time and since the facility is filled with half dead people, my math says there is probably maggots on more than one person. The whole idea of these facilities conducting business is gross and then to hear they are government funded just fuels the fire


That reminds me - when does White Castle open out on the reservation? Anybody know??


Via De Ventura and the 101 is rez?


Oh snap. Salt River/ Pima-Maricopa Community. Huh. But only to the east of the 101. I thought the WC was going in over on the west side of the 101, by the Medieval. Times


So it IS on that rez, and it is on the NW part of that intersection. Interesting. They are saying fall of this year. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!


Tom - Everything east of the double yellow line down the center of Pima Road (south of Via Linda) is reservation


Hey, look at the chompers on Briatney Whitney.[scared]



Big Rich

"Arizona's Family's inside source said..." The very definition of FakeNews....unnamed "sources"


You're fake news!! lol you obviously have no concept of how free-press works. "Inside sources" have to remain anonymous, that's why they're "inside" sources.. "deep throat", an anonymous INSIDE source, is what brought down Nixon.


Ignoramous - Information provided by "anonymous sources" or alleged "inside sources" needs to be VERIFIED BEFORE being put into PRINT. Their claims lack veracity because (like any other hearsay) we have no way to independently verify the accuracy of their information. It may be appropriate to use this information as part of the INVESTIGATIVE process (as was done at Watergate) but to print it without verification is irresponsible journalism. This leads to the outcry about fake news. Who is to say what is fake and what is not fake when we have no way to verify the information? Look at it this way - a reporter prints "Inside sources say Ignormaous molests small dogs." Once it is already in print how can you refute that?


"Information provided by "anonymous sources" or alleged "inside sources" needs to be VERIFIED BEFORE being put into PRINT" Yep. Any journalist worth half a darn will double-verify their source.


Tell all that they have to reapply for their job. Get a good management team in and head of nursing. Let them choose who stays (and of course, it is not current head of management or head of nursing).


Actually, I should say that only if it was a public (govt) facility. It is not, they just make 90%+ of their revenue from the govt. So, if you believe the private enterprise way, strip them of any govt contracts for next 5 years.

JF Conlon

Why isn't a completely independent group of people evaluating this place? How can anyone believe Hacienda administration, or State agencies when both have a stake in the outcome? And AZFamily isn't helping by showing that maggot picture . . there probably weren't THAT many crawling around on the patient, were there?


Oiye say old chaps, did they eat much of the old chap? [scared]


Medical grade maggots are used to clean wounds in surgical procedures all the time. They do a better job than anything else... But I highly doubt it was a medical grade fly that laid those eggs.


This sounds like the type of thing "Anlgn" has to deal with with those fat @ss neck rolls of his. Disgusting and filthy.

Comment deleted.

You're a moron. You might want to do a bit more research on what this facility is and who they abuse.


Unbelievable & appalling! Sut this place Down!


1000% agree! Absolutely unacceptable. Appalling is an understatement.


Sounds like a horror movie. [scared]

El Golfo

As a retired home health nurse,fix is "simply daily if not more tracheotomy care,"very simple to do,2 min at the most.When I worked in the valley with three different home care companies,they would not accept any referrals from this facility.


Why is this place still open??? Anyone?? Is there no room for the rest of the people that are at this place??


There was a cover up by your state politicians years ago when they declared this dump needed NO license run. East valley elite?


Places like Hacienda are ill equipped and understaffed and cannot care for patients with such critical needs like the people who must reside there, but what can be done for such severely incapacitated patients who have nowhere else to go?




An option that needs consideration.

JF Conlon

A real good question. How do 'first world' countries care for these people? Here's another thought . . . how many of these patients are there because doctors revived them from near-fatal situations (as was the woman who was raped)? How many of the extremely premature babies who are saved by extraordinary means end up in these facilities? And another question: how is the baby from the rape victim doing? The mother was on barbituates the full term of the pregnancy. ObeyLaws, nuusmaan, JustinP ???


Joan - If you could try to focus on a cogent point I'd be happy to give you my thoughts. In the meantime, I can tell you that keeping a person in a vegetative state alive should be against the law - it's certainly against any law of morality.

JF Conlon

Fine! How do 'civilized countries' deal with the segment of their population that can never take care of themselves. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Scotland? Canada? Iceland?

JF Conlon

What's a "law of morality"? I know better than to quote the ol' "thou shall not kill", but most societies have some sanction on doing away with their useless members.

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