PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- The lawyer for the family of the woman who recently gave birth at a Hacienda HealthCare facility despite having been in a persistent vegetative state for years issued a statement Tuesday evening.

HACIENDA INVESTIGATION victim's family's laywer John A. Micheaels

John A. Micheaels say he represents the family of the victim.

"The family obviously is outraged, traumatized and in shock by the abuse and neglect of their daughter at Hacienda Healthcare," John Micheaels said in a statement emailed to media outlets. "The family is well aware of the intense news and public interest in their daughter’s case, but at this time is not emotionally ready to make a public statement. The family would like me to convey that the baby boy has been born into a loving family and will be well cared for."

The woman, who gave birth on Dec. 29, 2018, is a 29-year-old Native American woman who has been in what Micheaels described as "a completely vulnerable state" since nearly drowning 14 years ago.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Woman in vegetative state gives birth at Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix]

The Phoenix Police Department has not said much about its investigation.

Micheaels' email came just hours after Arizona's Family confirmed that the Phoenix Police Department had served a search warrant allowing them to obtain DNA samples from male employees at the facility.

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"As a company, we welcome this development in the ongoing police investigation," a Hacienda HealthCare spokesman said in a statement regarding the search warrant for the DNA samples.

[CONTINUING COVERAGE: Arizona's Family investigation in Hacienda HealthCare]


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(11) comments


Respect the child born as a result of this sex crime as well. Don't disclose this child's name, date of birth, or the sex of the child. These are clearly identifiers that could lead to a lot of ridicule and cruel treatment of this child as the child gets older and even into adulthood.


Why do they keep giving information on this woman's ethnicity, age, how long she's been in the facility, and the type of accident she had that lead to her being in a vegetative condition? These are very identifying disclosures that should not be made public. She's a victim of some sort of sex crime, even though she is in a vegetative condition she still deserves privacy, respect, and dignity. It's very concerning and disturbing that she's being treated this way by local Arizona news media. She would not be treated this way by Arizona's news media if she were a normal functioning woman who was the victim of a sex crime. Respect her and her privacy.


The larger question is what kind of a society are we that we allow a person to wallow in a vegetative state for over a decade and just wait for them to die. We treat stray dogs better. Shameful.


So my question is the family must have not been there in 9 months. Cause they would see her belly growing ? anyways this is all wrong in so many ways.


Here's a thought... What if the family wanted to have her produce a child to continue on the family gene pool and maybe just maybe they had a male from the same tribe who they wanted to get her pregnant and just maybe they never had "sex" with her and that sperm donor just did the "deed" in the bathroom at the facility during a visit and then used a turkey baster right after they finished to inseminate her with it ? That's see how willing her family is to keep this baby for their own and lets see if the baby's DNA is more Native American than anything else ??


What a filthy, revolting supposition to make about this terrible case. You are beyond disgusting.

Bob Regan

momsacorn......just the usual Az Republican mentality. Wonder if they are born without a conscience, or if they have it removed?


So you mean to tell me her family that has been coming to visit her for years never noticed she was pregnant and never noticed she was no longer having a period ?? Come on they have got to be in on it !!

JF Conlon

You should think about writing mystery novels . . very creative idea!


AZRepub - You, ma'am, have a frighteningly active imagination. I do appreciate your sly, ironic sense of humor in claiming to be a Republican. You'll do well baiting the ignorant rubes who populate these pages...


I wondered a similar situation. Not the bathroom situation you brought up, smh, but that it may have not been a worker at the facility. It may have been a visitor. Either way, disgusting and horrible. And, with a DNA sample from the baby they can already narrow down a few facts about the person who did this to her so I'm wondering why they're taking samples from ALL male staff at the facility. Maybe to head off a potential defense strategy.

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