PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - New court records show the woman in a vegetative state who gave birth to a baby last month has been living at a south Phoenix care facility for 27 years, longer than previously thought, according to court records.

[SECTION: Hacienda Healthcare pregnancy investigation]

The 29-year-old victim was born in 1989 and lived at the Hacienda Healthcare since she was three years old, according to the court documents.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Woman in vegetative state gives birth at Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix]

"(The woman) has lived at the care facility since 1992 and all of her needs are being met at this facility," the court records stated.

The same records also show that in 2009, the year the victim turned 20, her mother took over as legal guardian.

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Since then, her mother, who lives on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, claims to have visited her daughter twice a month.

When the court awarded guardianship to her mother ten years ago, it also ordered annual medical exams and reports.

[WATCH: New details about Hacienda HealthCare patient who gave birth less than two weeks ago]

These reports, signed by the patient's doctor, keep the courts and state social workers updated on her health condition.

The doctors last checked the woman on April 16, 8 ½ months before she gave birth on Dec. 29.

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The doctor made no mention anything out of the ordinary and recommended that staff at Hacienda to "continue current care."


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(10) comments


It is an unconscionable cruelty to keep a person alive in a vegetative state like this. For a supposed "christian culture" we treat stray dogs more humanely.


Who is paying for the young woman’s care for 27 years?

Joe Tax Payer-

You and me as tax payers !!


I do not know about others but I am getting sick and tired of the repeating and repeating and repeating of this horrible story. If I were in her family I would be suing the media, police, and care center for releasing this personal information over and over and over, especially the media for simply sensationalizing the thing to sell advertising.


I hope this family gets a huge payday from all of this! The whole situation is terrible and they deserve to be compensated

JF Conlon

I can't understand why anyone would keep their child alive for 27 years, after only 3 years of a "normal" life. Did her parents actually believe she had a chance of recovery. Do doctors think she may recover?


I hope this poor lady's parents don't read your callous post. When you don't understand something it might be best not to post unless you are asking a question that your peers here might be able to answer, and one that will not hurt or embarrass others.


Nicely put, Nuusmaan. Not sure what the others are concerned about - it isn't them or their child.

JF Conlon

I'm sorry if I sounded callous. I commented earlier that this reminded me of the Terri Schaivo case and what a horror that turned into, but she was an adult when she went into a coma. I think the hardest part in these cases is how to determine the quality of life if a person should awake from a years-long PVS. I am trying to understand how decisions are made, not trying to hurt others.


The doctors last checked the woman on April 16, 8 ½ months before she gave birth on Dec. 29. Hmmmm.

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