PHOENIX (3TV CBS 5) - As the Hacienda Healthcare Skilled Nursing Facility prepares to shut down, patients there are racing against time to find somewhere else to live.

To protect her actual identity, she requested we call her Amy.

[WATCH: Clock is ticking for Hacienda patient to find new home]

While they fight to keep their license for another unit where one patient was raped and gave birth, and another was found with maggots, the SNF is half of Hacienda's facility.

The clock is ticking for Amy to find a new home.

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She talked to Arizona's Family reporter Briana Whitney from inside her room at Hacienda, the place she's called home for years that she's being forced to leave.

"It's been depressing," said Amy when asked what's it like in Hacienda as everybody is figuring out where to go next. "You see a lot of people in tears."

She's wheelchair-bound with a dire condition. With her specific needs, she says the facilities she's met with can't make room for her since they've taken a flood of Hacienda patients.

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“The one that I found close, similar to Hacienda, won’t accept me. So it’s really frustrating and really hard,” Amy said.

She said she felt blindsided by Hacienda announcing the closure of the SNF, especially when the major patient abuse scandals happened at the Intermediate Care Facility, the other unit at Hacienda.

According to Amy, there were 40 patients in the SNF two months ago. Amy says there are less than 15 patients left now.

Considering the family of the patients and staff, Amy says the changes are abrupt and hurtful.

“We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. We didn’t have a family gathering. We didn't. It was just like, ‘Boom! You’re gone,'" Amy said.

She said if she can't find a facility to take her in, Hacienda will send her to a hospital where she'll lose any control of choosing where she can live next.

Amy said she's just trying to stay alive right now.

“I don’t know what my life is going to be. My health, my health deteriorated when I left Hacienda the first time," she said. "And I can only guess what it’s going to be like now."

When asked if she thought any of this would happen a year ago, Amy said, "No. God no."

Amy said she has to be out by Friday, August 23.

Arizona's Family reached out to Hacienda to confirm the date. They did not return our calls or text messages. 

While these SNF patients scramble to find a new home, the fate of Hacienda's ICF unit is still up in the air.

They are fighting to keep their license to operate and keep federal funding and will have negotiation hearings with the state and the federal government in the next several weeks.


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(2) comments


I'm sure it's frustrating and disappointing to have to move unexpectedly, but let's be real here--other patients in Hacienda were being repeatedly raped, and fell victims of the facility's egregious negligence (like not detecting serial rape or pregnancy until the patient was giving birth, or allowing a wound to fester until maggots hatched). This is a major, major problem, and they deserve to be shut down so that no one else continues to be harmed by Hacienda. This particular patient, "Amy" doesn't seem to consider anyone but herself, and her own convenience/preferences--just because SHE hasn't been horrendously abused (maybe because she's verbal?), she doesn't think it's fair for them to shut down? How selfish and entitled. The "I'm just trying to stay alive" comment is pure dramatic hyperbole, lol. If she fails to find a facility that will accept her, she will still have a place to live and won't be dumped out on the streets--she loses the opportunity to choose a facility herself. Sure, that's not ideal, but that's the LEAST I would be worried about considering what kind of nightmares were going on at Hacienda. I'm surprised there's ANY patients left there with all the state and federal agencies and police investigating the human rights crimes that occurred there.

Best of luck to Amy, but she's ridiculously detached from reality if she thinks the facility should remain open.


Stores, restaurants, malls, businesses, family homes and more have all closed under far harsher conditions unexpectantly. In 1990 california closed mental facilitues and left them roaming in streets. No heartbreak here for lady who will be placed by others if she can not place herself. Negozi, ristoranti, centri commerciali, aziende, case di famiglia e altro ancora sono stati chiusi in condizioni molto più severe inaspettatamente. Nel 1990 la California chiuse gli impianti mentali e li lasciò vagare per le strade. Nessun crepacuore qui per la signora che sarà messa da altri se non riesce a posizionarsi. [censored]

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