PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Four out of five apartment complexes visited by CBS 5 Investigates failed to produce their pool maintenance logs, as required by the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code.

According to Chapter VI, Section 2, Regulation 5 of the Code, an operating log that includes the results of daily water tests must be made available to regulator authorities "or a member of the public upon request."

[WATCH: Apartment complexes in Phoenix area fail to show pool inspection logs]

But none of the apartment managers were aware of that requirement, although one out of five stated he would have no problem making the log available.

"We've had pools when you get there, it's as green as grass, so you can't see the bottom of the pool," said Gregory Epperson, who is the managing supervisor of the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Water and Waste Management Division.

Epperson says the ability of regular people to view pool maintenance logs is an important tool to ensure that public and semi-public pools are properly maintained.

Public pools are open to anyone. Those are inspected by the county at least once per month, while they are open. Semi-public pools include hotels, apartment complexes, spas, health clubs and HOA pools. They are inspected two time per year.

The logs of both public and semi-public pools are required to be available to members of the public for inspection, regardless of whether they are guests of the resort, tenants of the apartment complex, members of the gym or residents of the HOA.

But some apartment complex managers told CBS 5 Investigates that they contracted with pool maintenance companies and did not have the logs on site. One maintenance worker told CBS 5 he did have the logs, but would not make it available. He was adamant that the county Code did not require disclosure, even though the relevant portion of the Code was shown to him at the time.

There are roughly 9,100 swimming pools in Maricopa County that fall into the public and semi-public categories.

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