TUCSON (3TV/CBS 5) - William Huff, who was convicted of murdering two young girls in Sierra Vista back in 1967, then released into home arrest three years ago, is back behind bars.

According to officials with the Arizona Department of Corrections, Huff's parole officer found an 8-year-old girl sleeping at Huff's residence earlier this week. That was apparently a violation of his terms of release.

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Huff was sent back to prison. The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency will ultimately decide whether Huff will remain behind bars.

Huff was sentenced to 40-years to life in prison, after pleading guilty to the grizzly murders of 6-year-old Janelle Haines and 7-year-old Cindy Clelland. He was 17 at the time.

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Family members of the victims fought to keep Huff behind bars, but in 2015, the Clemency Board voted to release him after serving nearly 50 years in prison.

"I hate to say I told you so, but this is where 'I told you so falls into play,'" said Melisa Haines, who is Janelle Haines' niece.

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"To hear that it involved another little girl is something that is gut-wrenching. It's not something that I'm happy he's in prison for, because it involved a little girl. But I am happy that he's in prison because I believe that that's where he belongs," said Haines.

Department of Corrections officials say the girl who was sleeping at Huff's residence was the daughter of the sister of Huff's girlfriend. There is no indication the girl was hurt in any way.

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(8) comments


He probably wasn't given the death penalty because of his age when he committed the crimes. But wow. What kind of a an idiot (read "psychopath") does one have to be to realize that he can't be anywhere NEAR children at ALL... yet he has a young girl at his house?

I agree, that he should be thrown back in prison for the rest of his life. They cannot go and apply the death penalty to him now, his sentence was given ages ago. So for the people being jerks to "Joe Tax Payer" I ask why? He is right, the guy needs to be off the streets, but he cannot be executed now as that was never part of his sentence. Don't take it out on someone who agrees with you and wants him off the streets and away from our kids. Take it out on our lawmakers and our government.

Joe Tax Payer

He is a natural born predator and given the chance he WILL kill again! Time to put him back in the cage where he belongs since he is so "institutionalized" it's for everyone's well being !


Tax Payer - "...put him back in the cage..." Are you kidding me?? If any one deserves the death penalty it's this guy (assuming he's convicted) and you don't even have the guts to advocate the death penalty for this guy??? You were a "time out" child, weren't you? We have become a weak, weak misguided nation. Sad indeed.


Just watch Joe he will be released again by some idiot liberal judge.


Leave it up to those blankety blankety blankety (big brother will not let me call them what they are) liberals to let a convicted killer go again and again and again. Why the heck was he not executed within a year of his conviction? Again thanks to the blankety blankety blankety (big brother will not let me call them what they are) liberals he out lived his victims by 30 years and is still alive. He actually was proud of what he did, calling himself the phantom. Of course those liberal require our tax money to pay for murdering thousands of unborn babies every year so questionable women can spread their legs for the fun of it..


Of course if it was someone Trump knew he would have been pardoned by now.


Coyotefan, take a look at all the criminals Obama set free. Name ONE that Trump has released. nuusmanaan any liberals in control of prison "reform" have let many murderers go.


Can you name a single person or persons who let the "convicted killer go again and again and again"? Do you really believe that there's a pro-murderer political agenda?

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