PARADISE VALLEY, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Paradise Valley police are investigating a sexual assault that took place during a mansion party that was thrown for and attended by professional athletes.

[VIDEO: Paradise Valley police investigate girl's rape at a mansion party]

That's according to interviews with the victim's family, others who attended the party, police documents and email exchanges with police.

"The aftermath of that evening was horrible. She couldn’t eat for a week. She’s constantly reliving it," said the victim's mother, whose identity CBS 5 Investigates is withholding to protect the privacy of the victim.

She says her daughter, who was 20 years old, was invited to the event by a woman named Kaya. She says Kaya had approached her daughter at a pool party months before.

"Kaya came up to her and told her how pretty she was, how beautiful she was, and they kind of struck up a conversation. 'We should hang out more,'" the victim's father said.

The parents tell CBS 5 Investigates that on January 1, Kaya texted their daughter and invited her to hang out.

"I don’t think my daughter thought it was going to be a bunch of high-profile people," said her father. "So she got a pin to where the party was at and she followed the directions there. She got to the home, some multi-million dollar home in Paradise Valley, and she said 'there are a lot of nice cars parked outside.'"

The parents say their daughter was told to sign a non-disclosure agreement. She says there were only about 15 people at the home.

"She said she got a drink, sat on the sofa. It was after that she said a guy came and gave her another glass and said, 'This drink is better.' She took that glass and she drank it and that was the end of it. That’s all she really remembers," said her mother.

"What she did remember was waking up intermittently through the night and seeing males over the top of her. Two different males, and also cameras flashing," said her father.

They both believe their daughter was drugged.

According to the police report that was taken the following day, the victim woke up in a bedroom with no clothes and was unable to find her underwear. She agreed to a rape exam.

That day, police searched the mansion and found underwear and condoms.

Five months later, police have made no arrests and have not named any suspects. They declined an on-camera interview, but addressed questions sent via email.

They say they executed a search warrant on the property, and obtained a subpoena for copies of the non-disclosure agreements that guests were asked to sign. They say they have interviewed all identified witnesses and are working to identify more. They ask that anyone who knows anything about this incident to call Silent Witness at 480-948-6377.

CBS 5 Investigates learned that the mansion where the party was held is a rental and that the woman who rented it for New Year's weekend is someone named Ashley Beager, who lives in Las Vegas and works as a concierge to athletes.

Beager was arrested in 2015 and charged with trafficking a schedule one substance in the same class as flunitrazepam/GHB, which are date rape drugs. She pleaded guilty to drug possession and her conviction was set aside in 2018.

CBS 5 Investigates left a phone message for Beager and sent a reporter and photographer from our sister station in Las Vegas to Beager's apartment. She did not respond to a request for an interview.

The victim's parents believe their daughter was lured to the party. They want to see an arrest, but worry that won't happen because of the high-profile athletes who were there.

"There was a suspect who my daughter pretty much identified that was a professional athlete. She knew the number. She knew the description. She pointed him out to us in a picture. He was there. She told police this and we got nothing," said the father.

"Just thinking you were drugged is not enough. There needs to be physical evidence some kind of lab reports," said Jason Lamm, a criminal defense attorney who has represented professional athletes in the past.

"One would like to think that justice is blind and that every investigation is even handed and it doesn’t matter if it’s a 9-to-5 minimum wage worker or a professional athlete. But the reality is police and prosecutors know that people of means, including professional athletes, will hire a top-flight attorney, someone like myself, who will absolutely scrutinize the investigation," said Lamm.

In an email, Paradise Valley Police wrote:

"We are far more concerned with doing an investigation of this nature right than doing it fast. When we go to trial on a criminal case we get just one chance at conviction. If a jury returns a not guilty verdict we cannot present that case again later if we find new evidence or witnesses that we did not know about previously."

Meantime, the victim's mother and father say thier daughter is in counseling, but struggling.

"These people are out there. You are not safe because you’re in a mansion. You are not safe because you are with celebrities and athletes. You’re pretty unsafe And probably more unsafe, because the people that are around them aren’t going to rat them out," said her mother.

Morgan Loew's hard-hitting investigations can be seen weekdays on CBS 5 News at 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

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(16) comments

Dusty Rose

Rich, privileged athletes. Nothing is going to happen to them. Just look at the comments here made by pig men. Basically "she's female. It's her fault. Men are not accountable for their perversions.".

Trasho Bonesio

Ladies, young and old, if you are out and about, please watch your drinks.


When you use millions to lure the godless things will need millions to bribe and loophole the godless badges as well


Yet another "Me Too movement" farse, she is a joke. Move on with this already, I mean kum on she knows whats up at those parties with those types.

Big Mike 86

Nice username


Is this really what our limited law enforcement and prosecutorial resources need to be spending their time on??


No comment from Daddy? Huh. Well, good old east valley at it again.


Well, you can pay these animals big time bucks, but they're still animals. Nice cover up thus far. Pays to have money, huh?


And we sure don't want to step on any toes where we'll lose big sports bucks coming to the valley


These people are out there. You are not safe because you’re in a mansion. You are not safe because you are with celebrities and athletes. ..... But being filthy rich and having plenty of shinybnew stuff sure makes you attractive as heck and a prospect for future wives and child support, prenups, and payouts.


Parents raised you right. Take drinks from strangers and keep your mouth shut until it benefits you. You got what you deserved.


Call the loser out. Dont be afraid of the ramifications, anyone who was in attendance knew what was going on, and they should be called out and condemned


You went to a place you did not know, invited by someone you did not know, you are underage and drinking, and and and - i also feel bad for what happened to an innocent person. 😢😢😢


High profile sport figures? Can't wait to read the guest list.
In the order of my 'guess list' of most likely in attendance will be NBA, NFL, MLB. Least like to be in attendance NHL and PGA?


there's an NDA but I'm sure the highest paid athlete in Phoenix will be getting milked by this female dog.


More than likely, but that's just science,,, most testosterone surplus is definitely not at the PGA .... But there are plenty of BEER BELLY GENETICS @the PGA personnel.

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