PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A Phoenix couple says the nanny they hired through an online "nanny finder" site abused their toddler on the first day she was left alone with their children.

They say the website missed red flags in the nanny's background.

"If they had run a simple background check on her, they would’ve seen that she was she was not a pediatric nurse. She used to be. But her license was revoked," said Kevin Lange.

Kevin and his wife Melissa used the website,, when they were looking for a replacement for their longtime nanny. They chose a woman named Jacqueline Edens.

A screen shot of Edens' correspondence with the Langes shows she stated she worked as a pediatric nurse in the past. 

"She carried herself very well. She was extremely professional," said Melissa.

"It was like Mrs. Doubtfire," said Kevin.

The Langes say Jacqueline shadowed their outgoing nanny for a week and everything seemed fine. But on her first day alone with the kids, something was wrong.

"I walked in expecting the same normal chipper nanny that I left that morning, who was excited to start the day. And when I got home both my boys were crying. My youngest, Evan, was hysterically crying and shaking. He was shivering. As I got closer, I noticed what looked like rug burns all over his face and cuts," said Melissa.

"When I looked at her sitting on the couch, she had her head down like this. And when I asked her to tell me what happened, she kind of picked her head up like this. She could barely hold her head up and her eyes were completely out of it," said Melissa.

Melissa and Kevin say when they asked what happened, they could not get a straight answer out of Jacqueline. And they say she abruptly left the house.

Kevin says he looked at video surveillance, and saw that Jacqueline had left the children unattended in the home several times. He also saw what he believes caused his child's injuries. It's video of the driveway.

"It shows (Jacqueline) grab him, pick him up by one arm and with just one arm, flings him in the air. So he’s airborne. I have security video. I have pictures - still frames. She just throws him into the garage," said Kevin.

Family says nanny abused their toddler, nanny website missed red flags

The Langes called the police. Detectives investigated, and after seeing video from the home surveillance system and speaking to Jacqueline, police referred the case to the Maricopa County Attorney's office with a recommendation of one count of child abuse.

At this time, no charges have been filed against Jacqueline.

But the Langes say what they learned about her afterward made them furious. Jacqueline's nursing license had been revoked in November.

The Texas nursing board wrote that she had "exhibited signs of impaired behavior while on duty" and that coworkers could smell alcohol on her breath.

"The website didn’t pick up on it. And that’s what blows me away," said Kevin.

A spokesperson for Sittercity responded to CBS 5 Investigates' questions.

"At registration, all caregiver identities are authenticated.  This happens either through a background check that a sitter can run through Sterling at registration or through an Experian authentication which Sittercity runs automatically in the absence of a background check. Experian accounts for the majority of our identity authentications.  New caregivers also are screened against the Family Watchdog sex offender database at registration, and that screening continues daily thereafter."

"In addition, we provide access to various types of background checks and motor vehicle records checks that we recommend families run on caregivers, or that caregivers may run on themselves. As a part of our recommended screening process, we encourage parents to run background checks immediately before hiring a caregiver to ensure that the data is recent and accurate. In this case, neither the family nor the sitter ran a background check through the Sittercity website. Importantly, we also recommend that parents verify all certifications, credentials and licenses that caregivers claim to have before hiring them.  It appears that the Langes may not have done that."

But the Lange's attorney says companies like Sittercity owe their customers more than that.

"They can say whatever they want to. They will say that they don’t have responsibility. In my opinion they do have a responsibility," said Grant Woods, who is a former Arizona Attorney General.

Woods says he thinks attorneys general across the country need to examine the obligations online companies like Sittercity owe to their customers.

"They know what parents are expecting when they go on their website and get these services. They’re expecting that the people are who they say they are and that there’s been some sort of vetting that went on here. And that they’re somewhat qualified. Why would they use the website otherwise?," said Woods.

CBS 5 Investigates left a phone message for Jacqueline Edens, texted her, sent a Facebook message, emailed her and left a business card with a note on her car at her home. She did not respond.

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