William Huff

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - William Huff served nearly 50 years in prison for murdering two young girls. He is out of prison, to the protests of his victims' families, but his own family describes him as a "humble, kind, peaceful man without any hatred or thoughts of hurting anyone."

You can find background on Huff's past, as well as the controversy surrounding his release from prison on home arrest here. CBS 5 Investigates received an email from someone claiming to be Huff's sister. The phone number connected to the email matches a phone number CBS 5 Investigates verified as the sister's email, although we are not releasing her name because she claims she is being targeted by people who are angry at her brother.

She refers to Huff's conviction as a "purported crime from 50 years ago," and writes that she rarely reads newspaper articles about her brother because "so much of it is not true," although the email does not specify what, exactly, she considers to be false.

"When this first happened, we lived in constant fear and a lot of taunting and went above and beyond in our efforts to bring back some respect of our name. We have lived in peace, myself being an author, an engineer, a retired civil servant, two retired military men and an owner of two businesses in Sierra Vista," she wrote.

"But despite all of these accomplishments, we find ourselves back at square one trying to regain our respect each time you air that story. In addition to putting our lives in harm's way, as well," she wrote.

She shares some details about how the Huff family views William.

"I have had the opportunity to visit with my brother both during and after his incarnation. He is not a monster. He is a humble, kind, peaceful man without any hatred or thoughts of hurting anyone. He simply wants to live out his life now trying to help others, feeding the homeless and teaching love and patience. He is NOT a danger to society; he is NOT a psychopath as you are depicting and he is certainly not The Phantom. He is a 66-year-old man not a 16-year-old boy anymore and I can assure you that he is remorseful. And wants to live doing simple things in life," she wrote.

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