PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Arizona's Family is investigating the criminal cases against Dallas Michaels, who police said once impersonated an FBI agent and is also accused of planning to poison his wife using the drug fentanyl so he could run off with his mistress and a $500,000 life insurance policy. 

Before a beautiful home with eight years of marriage and three kids together, Theresa Doctors said the romance with Michaels started online. 

"We met on," said Doctors. "By our 3rd date, we were looking at each other's credit report, he was trying to prove himself to me to show that he was responsible and at the time it was better than mine," Doctors said on paper, Michaels was a good match for her.

After six months of dating and a pregnancy later, Doctors and Michaels got married and would soon own a Karate dojo in Queen Creek. Doctors said Michaels took up a side job in active shooting training.

"He was going to different bars and teaching them, teaching their staff what they would do in the case of an active shooter, which is amazing. I just thought this was an amazing skill to have," said Doctors.

Dallas Michaels and his wife Theresa Doctors

But what Doctors didn't know is that police were investigating Michaels around this time last year. Court documents show Michaels pretended to be an FBI agent and attempted to extort a local Gilbert bar owner. The bar owner told police that Michaels threatened him with jail time after Michaels said he caught a bartender dealing drugs. Michaels' alleged plan put him behind bars; he pled not guilty and was let back out with pretrial supervision.

"He told me he did it for us. That everything he does, he does for us," said Doctors. Except for seeing another woman, which Doctors knew nothing about.

The other woman asked Arizona's Family not to use her face or name in this special report. "I met him on social media, on Facebook," said the mistress. "It initially started as a long-distance relationship."

The mistress told Arizona's Family that Michaels said to her that he was a former FBI agent. "Any military lingo, he knew it," said the mistress. She knew about the alleged extortion, too. "When he first got arrested for extorting the bar owner, I think it was, he told me he had been former CIA, and he couldn't answer any questions I had cause it was strictly confidential," said the mistress.

So she stayed with him and at one point went to Doctors' home on the week of Easter, met the kids, and even Michaels' mom, the mistress told Arizona's Family. She said there wasn't a trace of a wife. "I thought he was legit. I met his family and friends. I didn't see any red flags," said the mistress. Their long-distance romance turned into an engagement.

"He had taken me to a jewelry shop and had told me to pick out any ring that I liked, I just told him I liked whatever he picked for me, and it went from there," said the mistress. She said she was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. But she ended up breaking off the engagement when she said Michaels got mad at her for refusing to have sex with him since she said she was too tired from work.

Meanwhile, Doctors and Michaels fell into financial hardship, in part, Doctors said due to the pandemic robbing profit from their dojo. To make matters worse, Michaels got a phone call on one June morning from the police, the same day they were supposed to leave for California.

"He told me he just got off the phone with a detective and that there was a potential break-in at the dojo," said Doctors. "The next thing I know, I got this really loud knock at the door," said Doctors. Doctors said there were six detectives at her door with solemn looks on their faces. One of them told her that her husband, Michaels, was being arrested.

"The plot was to murder me on a family trip to California. He was going to poison me with fentanyl. From what I can gather, his plan was to take us all on a boat ride then throw me overboard after he poisoned me. He was going to poison my drinks and then make it look like an accidental drowning so that my kids would watch me die," said Doctors.

Theresa Doctors and Dallas Michaels

Meanwhile, Doctors and Michaels fell into financial hardship, in part, Doctors said due to the pandemic robbing profit from their dojo.

According to court documents, police were tipped off by a female acquaintance of Michaels. That acquaintance said that Michaels told her that he wanted to buy fentanyl and poison his wife to make it look like an accident and cash out on a $500,000 life insurance policy to run off with his mistress. That mistress told Arizona's Family that she had no idea that there was an alleged plot.

Police set up a sting operation to catch Michaels in the act with his acquaintance. During the sting, the acquaintance asked Michaels if he was sure he wanted to buy pills to poison his wife. According to court documents, Michaels replied "1000%," but then the acquaintance expressed hesitation. Michaels ended the call by saying fentanyl was actually for himself instead of his wife.

"There was no way he was going to use the drugs for himself. Period," said Doctors.

Police ended up charging Michaels with several felonies, including conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Doctors told Arizona's Family that there were no red flags regarding a possible plot to kill her.

"I thought that he loved me. I don't really think he loves anybody," said Doctors. Doctors doesn't know what the future holds for her and her three kids, but the beautiful home doesn't represent what it once was.

Theresa Doctors and kids

Doctors doesn't know what the future holds for her and her three kids, but the beautiful home doesn't represent what it once was.

"There are so many memories in my house. I can't stand being there," said Doctors. She's facing foreclosure, she said, hoping to get enough money to leave the life that turned out to be a lie. "I never thought it would be this. I never thought it would come down to this, and the whole time he was using me."

Court records show that both of Michaels' cases are still pending. Arizona's Family reached out to his public defender several times and never heard back. A plea deal obtained by Arizona's Family shows a Maricopa County Prosecutor offering Michaels a minimum of 4 years behind bars and a lesser charge in attempted aggravated assault. No word on if Michaels will accept the deal. The county prosecutor's office never responded to questions about the deal. Michaels remains in jail as of this report.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Doctors.


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