3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Four-and-a-half-million people are expected to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving this year, and those luggage fees can add up fast.

For most airlines, you’ll have to shell out extra cash if your bag weighs more than 50 pounds.

[WATCH: State inspectors check luggage scales at Phoenix Sky Harbor]

3 On Your Side recently tagged along with state inspectors who checked the accuracy of airline scales found inside Terminal 2 at Sky Harbor airport.

"We're testing scales at the airport,” Damien DeSantiago, a state inspector with the Weights and Measures Division. “[We’re] making sure consumers are getting the right amount of what they are paying for."

He said that baggage scales can eventually become out of sync over time; this could cause luggage to appear over the 50-pound limit when they may be under that weight.

That's why these surprise tests are so important.

If you’re flying with the following airlines, you’ll spend an additional $100 if your luggage is more than 50 pounds.


-American Airlines



The prices vary for the following airlines:

-Allegiant: 41-70lbs will cost you $50; 71-99lbs will cost you $75

-Frontier: 50lbs+ will cost you $75

-Hawaiian: 51-70lbs will cost you $50; 71-100lbs will cost you $200

-Southwest: 51-100lbs will cost you $75

-Spirit: 41-50lbs will cost you $35; 51-70lbs will cost you $60; 71-100lbs will cost you $100

State inspectors tested every scale in Terminal 2 this month. Every single scale passed the test.

If your luggage is near the threshold, here are some tips you need to remember:

-Get an estimated weight at home, by using your personal scale to weigh your luggage

-Make sure the baggage scale starts at zero pounds before putting your luggage on it

-If your bag is near the weight, place a few items on top you can put in your carry-on

On top of state tests, third-party vendors are hired to maintain scales on a regular basis to make sure they are calibrated correctly. The state did another test on airport scales in August. Of the 65 scales, 16 were taken out of service for being wrong.


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