GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Robin Horn just purchased her Gilbert home. She not only loves the house, but the area as well. “Yeah, the neighbors are nice. Everything is great," she told 3 On Your Side.

However, not long after moving in, she captured something interesting on her home security camera. In the video, you see a guy running up to Robin's home, he putting something on her front door and then running off. "Like literally by the time I walked from the couch to the front door, he was gone," she said.

Spotted on a doorbell cam

In the video, you see a guy running up to Robin's home, he putting something on her front door and then running off. 

Robin says she discovered the guy put a notice on her door that said, "Sorry We Missed You" and it has not only bar code but also a confirmation number. Did you think it was a delivery?" 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. “Well, it kind of looks like it,” she replied. “It says 'Sorry We Missed You.' So, it kind of looks important with a confirmation number and bar code?” Harper asked.

Turns out, the notice is from a place called Next Day Delivery. But in a lawsuit discovered by 3 On Your Side, the Arizona Attorney General's Office says don't be fooled. The agency is suing Next Day Delivery which reportedly goes by several different names and claims the companies are  "masquerading as delivery companies" and even calls those notices "fake delivery slips." Robin says she can't believe it. "It’s very misleading in that respect," she said.

In tiny print, the notice states, "This is not an attempt to make a delivery," even though the company is called Next Day Delivery. And on the back, in even smaller print, it goes on to say that for homeowners who do call back, personal information they may provide will be used for marketing purposes.

3 On Your Side called the company and a representative said she'd pass my message on to the owner. “Okay, I'll let someone know you called and thank you for your hard work,” the company representative told Harper. But no one ever did call back.

Still, Next Day Delivery remains in hot water with the Attorney General which accuses the company of what it calls "Deceptive Business Practices." In fact, the suit claims Next Day Delivery and its counterparts made more than $2.2 million dollars from selling people's contact information when they called that number back. "It seems like very misleading for sure and inappropriate way to use of your phone number," Robin said.

3 On Your Side will keep an on the lawsuit and see where it goes. The Attorney General say it is seeking a penalty of $10,000 for each violation. You can find the lawsuit and the Attorney General’s press release online.

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