3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Saying "I do" is a huge drain on everyone's wallets, even if you're just a guest.

If you're saying "no" to wedding invites this year due to your budget, you're not alone.

[WATCH: Some rejecting wedding invites due to high cost]

According to new study from Bankrate, one in five respondents said they declined a wedding invitation because they couldn't afford to go.

The study found the high costs of weddings is putting a strain on more than just finances.

Thirty percent of those who declined the RSVP due to financial stress say it damaged their friendship with the couple.

Meanwhile, 25% of those who chose not to attend didn't send a wedding gift either.

And out of those who still sent gifts, the survey found 57% of people said they would give the same gift if they attended the event.

While 17% say they would give less of a gift.

According to a separate Bankrate study from 2018, guests spent an average of $628 on the wedding and pre-parties.

For some people, that can be a huge chunk of money to spend to see a friend tie the knot.

It's a tricky decision that could cost you more ways than one.


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