PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- If you’re fed up with all those annoying robo calls, you're not alone

"I've gotten calls from friends and family and others who are just are getting bombarded with almost daily with 6, 8,10 things every day," said Ken Colburn, a technology expert with Data Doctors. He says even though you may be on the government's "Do Not Call List," there are exceptions to who can still call you.

"Political campaigns can ignore the Do Not Call list. Charities and nonprofits can ignore that. Anybody you've done business with in the last 18 months can ignore that."

Your phone number can be exposed and sold in a variety of ways. For example, Colburn says when Facebook was hacked last year, 267 million user names and phone numbers were circulated.

Even calling to make a simple dinner reservation, restaurants may share your number with a third party. "You really need to be careful with who you give your personal cell phone number to these days."

The good news is there's a way to get around some of those unsolicited calls or text messages.

According to Colburn, all you have to do is get a so-called "burner" number to make unimportant phone calls. You can get a burner number on your smartphone by downloading an app called Google Voice.

"They will assign you a phone number, likely from another area code that you can start using on that same phone, so you don't it's not like you have to get a new phone. It literally works exactly the same on your smartphone through an app."

After downloading the app, if that second number rings with an incoming call, you can safely assume it's a telemarketer or a scammer and avoid it altogether. “Because these people that are doing that don't follow the rules, and a lot of times they're not even in this country help cut down some of it," said Colburn.


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