MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- In one Mesa neighborhood, some residents like Lindsay Martinez complain that the abundance of pigeons is driving them cuckoo.

“It's pretty intense,” said Martinez.

Martinez says the pigeon problem is only getting worse.

[WATCH: Neighbors in Mesa fighting over feeding pigeons]

When our drone flew over her home, we got a bird's eye view of exactly what she means.

“Sometimes when they take off, we can hear our roof cracking because there are so many of them,” said Martinez.

Martinez and other neighbors complain that the pigeons are around day and night.

Not only are they causing damage to rooftops and surrounding properties, but their droppings leave behind a horrible stench.

“It's just not healthy all around,” said Martinez.

So, what's behind the pigeon problem? Martinez and others say a neighbor started feeding them and, as a result, the pigeons keep on multiplying.

Gary Harper of 3 on Your Side went to the home where neighbors say the pigeon feeding is happening. In addition to droppings, there was a strong odor at the home.

Harper confronted the resident of this home with what their neighbors had to say.

"Your neighbors say you're feeding the pigeons and it's causing a nuisance," said Harper.

The accused neighbor denied the claims.

"We're not feeding the pigeons, the pigeons are coming here by themselves," they said.

Harper asked why there are so many of them.

“Because we used to feed them, but we stopped feeding them," said the neighbor.

Other neighbors say that’s not true. The accused may deny feeding the pigeons anymore, but the pigeons certainly haven't left.

“We hose that off periodically, and this is my yard, not yours," said the accused in response to Harper mentioning the pigeon dropping on their tarp that appeared "out of control."

When Harper inquired if they understood this was affecting their neighbors on both sides, the accused said, "It's not on their yard."

Harper noticed 15 pigeons on the roof of the accused neighbor.

Feeding pigeons in Mesa isn't illegal. However, some cities, like Tempe, do ban the practice.

Martinez says something needs to be done to stop this pigeon predicament that's out of control.

As for those neighbors who say they don't feed the pigeons anymore, trying to reach a resolution with them only seemed to “ruffle their feathers".

When Harper implied this is a health issue, the accused neighbor said, "I did not give him permission to take a picture of me. I can sue you!”

Martinez said she had a roofing company come to inspect her roof and she was told she needs a whole new roof because of all the damage from the pigeons. It will cost her at least $6,500.

The City of Mesa said it is reviewing other city ordinances on pigeons and is in the early stages of developing an ordinance making it illegal to feed wild birds, including pigeons.

The City of Phoenix tells us, pigeon feeding is such a problem it is in the process of adding to a current ordinance to ban the practice altogether.


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