3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Like many students, Nikole Finger says attending college can be kind of stressful.

"Like doing all the projects and trying to get through all the meetings," Finger recently told 3 On Your Side. “And then, doing classes and homework and you have to write all the assignments, keeps me busy."

[WATCH: Phoenix area man says he was sent to collections over money he doesn't owe]

But, while Finger is stressing out about school, her dad David Finger is stressing about a $6,500 collection notice that he says he doesn't owe.

"Well, I don't know how many other people they've done this to," David said.

He’s is talking about a Tempe apartment complex called 12Fifty5 On University.

Last year, David says his daughter and two other relatives tried renting an apartment at the complex which specializes in student living. To help out financially, David signed on as the guarantor for the rent. But, when it came time for Nikole and the others to move in, there was a problem. For starters, David says an apartment they were shown reportedly had a bad chemical odor.

“After about five to 10 minutes, I felt a little light headed and I went out to get some fresh air. It was that bad," he said.

Another apartment they were shown was on the third floor, which they weren't interested in. And, a third apartment wasn't ready because it was still being renovated.

Disappointed and out of options, David, along with Nikole and the others said, "Thanks, but no thanks" and decided not to move in.

"Yeah, at that point we decided no. This was not acceptable. Maybe we made a poor decision. We'll have to figure something else out,” David said.

He and his family say they didn't think much about the issue, until recently when David received a notice from a debt collector saying he owed $6,500. Remember, he was the guarantor.

Because of the debt, David's credit score has plummeted 80 points.

"They're trying to collect on an entire year's worth of rent for $6,500," said David.

According to David, the apartment complex is pursuing him for 12 months of rent because his family never moved in.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and we contacted the former property management company at the time. They explained the issue to the owner of 12Fifty5 Apartments.

After reviewing David's situation, the owner agreed to drop the issue immediately. As a result, the $6,500 balance was pulled from collections and David's credit is being restored.

David says it only happened with the help of 3 On Your Side.

“I couldn't even sit at my desk for like a half hour because I was like so excited. I was just relieved to be done with it,” David told us. "I called my wife right away and I could hear the relief from her over the phone. She was like, ‘Whew, thank you.’"

And there’s more good news. Since the issue has been dropped, David says his credit score has shot back up.

Gary Harper's 3 On Your Side reports air weeknights on 3TV News at 9.


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TRUMP supporter

Thank you Gary Harper for helping people that are in need of it.




What a farce. He signed, he pays. His snowflake didn't like a smell. OMG.


If you would've bothered to read the article it states that he didn't like the smell.

"After about five to 10 minutes, I felt a little light headed and I went out to get some fresh air. It was that bad," he said.

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