3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Her name is Sabrina Demetro, and she is a woman accused of leaving behind a trail of deceit. But here's the update, Demetro has been arrested and that makes Bobby Martens very happy.

"I am ecstatic that she is behind bars. I am happy she can no longer do this to the people of Arizona," Martens said.

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Martens may be happy now, but he wasn't smiling in a previous 3 On Your Side report.

In that report, Martens explained how he thought he was buying an RV from a guy named Kirby Myers. But in the process, both men were duped by a complete stranger named Demetro.

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"It was a misrepresentation. It was a scam," Myers said.

It turns out Demetro used photos of the travel trailer to trick interested buyers like Martens into thinking she owned it.

"She posted the pictures on Craigslist representing that she was selling it and representing me as her partner," Myers said.

As a result, Martens handed over $1,000 to Demetro only to find out later she had nothing to do with the travel trailer at all. It was just a clever con.

At the time, 3 On Your Side went to Demetro's Scottsdale condo that she rented only to find out she trashed it and disappeared.

David Reckard owned the condo and was left to deal with the mess.

"Had fancy silverware in here, it's all gone. She cleaned out the silverware; it's all gone," said Reckard.

But after three years, Demetro has finally been picked up on warrants. Court documents obtained by 3 On Your Side indicate she's charged with fraudulent schemes and theft.

"For me, she at least needs to serve some time, and I think six months would be appropriate, just in my case alone. Now I can't speak for the other people, but I know for me that would be appropriate," Martens said.

Sentencing was supposed to be this week, but it's been postponed until next week. We'll let you know what happens in a follow-up report.


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