3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - 3 On Your Side has an update on an East Valley couple ripped off by an unlicensed contracting company. After the initial news report aired, some good Samaritans stepped in to help. But because of the pandemic, I was never able to show you the heartwarming update. So, here it is.

After months of waiting and wondering, Sue Sparago and her husband Larry Goldsmith finally have a remodeled bathroom. And it only happened because of some 3 On Your Side viewers.

"I can't tell you how nice that is and thanks to these guys. Paul and Randy and everybody who worked on it," Goldsmith the homeowner said.

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, the couple explained how an unlicensed company took their money and abandoned their bathroom remodeling job, leaving their bathroom unusable.

"The contractor skipped town and left us with a mess,” Sparago said. “Not even a toilet and we were struggling to get anything done on our own."

Well, after that 3 On Your Side report aired, a licensed contracting company called Sun Lakes Home Repair stepped in to make things right for Sparago and Goldsmith.

remodeled bathroom

In all, the entire $6,000 project was done for free.

"We took them from a nightmare to paradise, and they love it,” said Paul Legere, who owns Sun Lakes Home Repair.

"That's really important. They got to choose the different items, and we did it right first. We didn't try to cut any corners," he added.

Goldsmith agreed the remodeling job was awesome.

"Once we reached out to 3 On Your Side, Paul saw the news report and he was very angry that a contractor had done that to us,” Goldsmith told us. “Thanks to 3 On Your Side that it got publicized and the public saw and reacted to it. We have to thank you because I don't know if you would have known about it."

Sun Lakes Home Repair recruited other companies like Lowe's Home Improvement, D & L Chandler Glass Works and other companies to donate materials and labor. With the help of the good Samaritans, Sparago and Goldsmith now have a completely new bathroom with a new window, flooring and tiles. You name it and it's installed.

In all, the entire $6,000 project was done for free.

"We definitely have a safe and really sound bathroom,” Goldsmith said. “Even the window we can open. The window that was there before you couldn't even slide open because it was so corroded. It was old and drafty."

remodel finish

Sparago and Goldsmith say it only happened because of a 3 On Your Side news report and some good-hearted viewers who wanted to help.

Sparago and Goldsmith say they couldn't be happier. And they say it only happened because of a 3 On Your Side news report and some good-hearted viewers who wanted to help.

"I was amazed pleasantly surprised at the cooperation of our subcontractors. These guys gave up their time, materials, and came to the job and did a great job for us,” Goldsmith said.

As for the unlicensed company that caused all this mess, they have been charged and will be prosecuted. However, it's a good reminder to always hire a licensed contractor.

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