3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - We have an update on a Chandler couple who ran into problems after buying a custom-made iron door for the front of their home. After paying $10,000 for the door, it didn’t fit. But after 3 On Your Side got involved, there's a happy resolution.

“Are you happy?" asked Gary Harper.

“Yeah, we're thrilled. It's absolutely beautiful. The product is gorgeous," said Mike Cotter.

Mike and Staci Cotter are talking about their new iron door that was just installed.

3 On Your Side was there when all the final touches were being done on the door, like painting around the new doorjamb on the inside.

But getting to this point, they say, has been exhausting.

To understand why you have to go back to a previous 3 On Your Side report when the Chandler couple explained how they simply wanted to remove their front door that was there at the time.

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"We hate this door. It's a terrible door," said Mike.

Replacing the door, they thought, would increase their home's value and curb appeal.

So, the couple hired a company called First Impression Iron Works. For $10,000, the couple wanted First Impression to fabricate a heavy iron door that would be much taller and wider than the one they had.

"It's a lot of money to spend on a door. Let's be honest, it's a sick amount of money for a front door," said Mike.

After drawing up the paperwork, First Impression said all the Cotters had to do was hire a third-party contractor to widen and lengthen the doorjamb to make room for the bigger door.

But, that's when the problems began. Because once they did, the couple discovered a large support beam above the doorjamb meaning the newer, taller door wouldn't fit.

"By the time we got another contractor to come out and look at the space, First Impressions already made a door," Mike said.

The Cotters claim they and the company had no idea how to proceed. They had already handed over $10,000 for a door that was too big.

"We have a door now that's been made, and they have all of our money and it doesn't fit," said Mike.

3 On Your Side got involved and we reached out to First Impression.

The company decided that at no extra charge to the Cotters, it would modify and shorten the door that they had made.

First Impression immediately got to work and did just that. They shortened and installed the new iron door.

And after some small cosmetic touch-ups, the Cotters say the issue will finally be behind them.

"Was it worth contacting 3 On Your Side?" Harper asked.

“It wass absolutely worth getting a hold of you guys. You guys are awesome, all of you everybody, everybody that we worked with for your guys has (sic) been fantastic," Mike said.

The company was great to work with so a big thank you to them. And as for the homeowners, they're glad the ordeal is over.


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