PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – If you have a phone, you’ve most likely had one of those unwanted Robocalls, they happen all the time in Arizona.

“There are a lot of Robocalls in Phoenix, I mean 12 per person,” Alex Quilici, a Tech Analyst for YouMail, told 3 On Your Side. ”I would say Phoenix is relatively doing well compared to the country as a whole which is averaging 16 a month.”

[WATCH: The problem with robocalls may be bigger than you think]

Quilici’s company monitors Robocalls across the country.

He told 3 On Your Side there were 86-million robocalls in September, that comes down to nearly 3-million robocalls a day. Of those calls, nearly half were coming from scammers.

Nearly half of those robocalls were scammers trying to get your money.

Quilici has three tips to help you avoid getting scammed:

1) Don’t answer a call from an unknown number.

2) Get a Robocall blocking app for your phone.

3) If the robocall leaves a voicemail, do your research online to make sure the caller is legitimate.

There is some good new on the horizon, the U.S. Government is working to make it more difficult for scammers and robocalls to reach your phone.

That includes phone carriers working to develop ways to prevent scammers from spoofing their numbers. For example, when bad guys call, their phone number shouldn’t resemble the IRS’ phone number.

“I don’t think authenticated called ID is the silver bullet. These bad guys make millions of calls making a lot of money, they’re not just going to throw their hands up because they can’t spoof numbers,” Quilici said.

More information on ways to protect yourself from robocalls can be found here. For more information on the number of robocalls in your community, check out this site.




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