PHOENIX (3 On Your Side) - Every 43 minutes, a child is hurt when a TV or piece of furniture falls over onto them, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Some of those terrifying moments have been captured on camera, and now they are being shared in a new PSA meant to help prevent future tragedies.

The PSA, which is available in English and Spanish, includes videos that were recorded on monitors and a cell phone video taken by a mother who was in the room with her toddler.

"Take out of all your jammies," she urged the little boy. "Those go in the very top drawer."

A moment later, the dresser begins to tip over and the mom's phone drops to the ground as she scrambles to help the child. She was right there but still couldn't stop the falling furniture.

The CPSC says these heart-stopping videos show how quickly children -- even ones under supervision -- can be hurt in a tip-over accident.

"Even when adults are in the same room with children, dangerous tip-overs can occur," said Robert Adler, the CPSC Acting Chairman. "Many parents and caregivers do not know about this hidden hazard, or believe that they can prevent a tip-over by watching their children, but these incidents still happen."

According to a recent survey, 80% of people know that unanchored furniture can tip over. Despite awareness, just 55% say they have anchored furniture, and 47% have anchored a television.

The children in the PSA survived, but across the country from 2000 through 2018, CPSC data shows 459 children died when furniture or TVs fell onto them.

"It's just very heartbreaking," said Ilce Alexander, an injury prevention specialist at Phoenix Children's Hospital. "With these types of injuries, it is known to cause a lot of head trauma, a lot of internal bleeding, and even death."

A majority of tip-over incidents involve children ages 1 to 5, but Alexander cautioned it can happen to anyone, including teenagers.

"There's been many stories where children will go ahead and put their backpack on the dresser, and that handle just gets stuck on the corner and the whole thing could come down," she said.

CPSC safety tips to protect children from tip-over incidents

• Anchor TVs and furniture, such as bookcases and dressers, securely to the wall.

• Always place TVs on a sturdy, low base, and push the TV back as far as possible, particularly if anchoring is not possible.

• Avoid displaying or storing items, such as toys and remotes, in places where kids might be tempted to climb up to reach for them.

• Store heavier items on lower shelves or in lower drawers.

• If purchasing a new TV, consider recycling older ones not currently in use. If moving the older TV to another room, be sure it is anchored to the wall properly.

• Keep TV and/or cable cords out of reach of children.

• Supervise children in rooms where these safety tips have not been undertaken.

🡕 How to anchor furniture

Furniture anchor kits cost about $5 to $10 and take just a few minutes to install.


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