3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Katie Coombs considers herself a good driver.

But back in April, Coombs' driving got her into trouble when she rolled her 2007 Cadillac down an embankment.

"I was visiting my son in Missouri, and it rolled right down a hill and rolled three times down the hill, so they totaled it out," said Coombs.

[WATCH: Sun City woman tries to get refund from car warranty company]

Seven months earlier, when she bought the Cadillac, Coombs also purchased a warranty protection plan. So just in case she ever had any mechanical problems with the Cadillac, a company called Protech Vehicle Services would cover repairs.

"The warranty was a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty. I paid nearly $3,000 for it," said Coombs.

But since the Cadillac was wrecked and totaled, Coombs didn't need that protection plan anymore.

So, she contacted Protech Vehicle Services and asked the company to refund the balance of her warranty which, according to her paperwork, she had a right to collect.

The amount was right around $2,100, and the company agreed to send it to her. But that was more than two months ago, and Coombs still doesn't have her check even though Protech Vehicle Services told her that mailed it.

"I am very frustrated," said Coombs.

3 On Your Side got involved and we contacted Protech Vehicle Services. And the very day 3 On Your Side spoke to the company, they mailed out a handwritten check for just over $2,100.

Coombs says it only happened with the help of 3 On Your Side.

"How interesting the same day that they spoke to them, Channel 3 spoke to them, how interesting they hand wrote a check that very same day," said Coombs.


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