A man in Sun City says a vrook stole his identity and took almost $100K out of his bank account.

SUN CITY, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Ronald Van Horne is a Navy Vet who likes to take a trip down memory lane every once in a while, by looking at old pictures. He and his wife Patricia were married for 68 years, until she passed away last year.

"My wife and I saved money." The Sun City senior says they were both good savers. So, he was concerned when he stopped getting his Chase bank statements. When he went to his local Chase branch to get a printout, he discovered a large sum of money was missing. "We're talking about a neighborhood of $98,000 and change."

But how did that happen? According to Van Horne, a few months ago, someone had a check bearing his name and tried cashing the $98,700 check several times.

Although Chase flagged the check and turned it down "twice," the scammer succeeded on the third try. "Apparently, on April 3, the check that they presented to the bank was turned down. And on the 8th of April, another check was turned down. And on the 10th of April, they were successful in getting the transaction," Van Horne said.

And even though Van Horne lives in Sun City Arizona, the scammer cashed the check at a Chase Bank in Florida, a state in which Van Horne has never lived. Van Horne and family members can't believe it.

"Has my dad's name on it, same name, but different address in in Florida. Man hacked into his account."

And when you look at the signature on the front, Van Horne says it's not even his last name. It says, "Van Horse," not "Van Horne."

Still, it was good enough for the scammer to walk away with Ronald's $98,000. "I want it back. It's mine."

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and we asked Chase Bank to investigate. We want to know why the check went through when it was flagged twice before. We also want to know if Chase can get the money back.

"I put my money in there as a guarantee from Chase Bank, and you let it out the back door, I didn't."

Chase says it's investigating. We'll let you know what happens in a follow up report.


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