TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Finding and buying cars online is common these days, but a 3 On Your Side viewer claims after paying a Tempe dealer for his car in full, it never arrived.

The 3 On Your Side team caught up with Arash Mohajeri, who runs an auto sales business called Iconic Motorcars in Tempe. We wanted to know after Mohajeri was paid in full for a used Mercedes, along with a separate transport expense, why the car was never shipped, according to the buyer John Rucker.

"I came to Phoenix to possibly get my money back," said Rucker. He is from St. Louis and recently flew into Phoenix looking for the entire $14,000 that he paid Iconic Motorcars way back in June. 3 On Your Side met up with Rucker as he flew into Sky Harbor Airport.

Harper: "He just took your money and kept it?"

Rucker: "Yes, Yes."

Rucker says he has no idea why the 2011 Mercedes was never shipped to him in St. Louis, even though he agreed to pay $500 to Iconic Motorcars for half the transportation costs.

Harper: "You never got your car."

Rucker: "No, he became upset due to the fact that I questioned him on to why the delivery was taking so long."

3 On Your Side wrote several emails to Iconic Motorcars asking about Rucker’s money and why the car was never delivered to St. Louis.

Following our inquiries, Mohajeri never got back to 3 On Your Side, but he did mail Rucker a check.

However, it wasn't for the full amount. It was for $9,900, Rucker says. “It's very painful because you operate in good faith," he says. "You send the money in good faith, and I have neither the client nor the money, and now it's costing me more money to come here and try to remediate this issue.”

Rucker says he's done as much as can. He had his attorney mail Iconic Motorsports a demand letter and he also filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office, along with The Arizona Department of Transportation which licenses dealers. 

"I just want justice," Rucker said.

And that's what led 3 On Your Side to Iconic Motorcars.

Harper: "This is John Rucker, he ordered the 2011 Mercedes from you."

Mohajeri: "How you doing John? Did you get my check?"

Rucker: "Yeah"

Gary: "He got the check."

Rucker: "$3,000 short."

Gary: "What happened to the rest of the money?"

Mohajeri: "It was non-refundable, he knew that."

Harper: "Hang on, hang on, this is not going to look good on you if you close the door on me."

((door shuts))

Harper: “Alright, so this is what we're dealing with?"

Rucker: "Ok."

Harper: "This is how he treated you on the phone?"

Rucker: "Yes."

Although Rucker didn't get a full refund, he credits 3 On Your Side's numerous inquiries to Iconic Motorcars for helping to get at least $9,900 back.

As for his car buying experience, Rucker says he'll never buy a car online again. "I couldn't be more grateful for you guys for at least just taking the interest in trying to get this guy to do the right thing on my behalf."

The car dealer never did contact 3 On Your Side. In the meantime, through the complaints he filed, Rucker hopes he will hopefully get all his money returned.


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