3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - When it comes to using the internet, Patricia Carpenter is not a fan.

"If you want to go to a website, can you get there on your own?" 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper asked.

"I might get lucky and stumble across it," Carpenter replied.

[WATCH: Woman overpays Sparkletts but company doesn't give money back]

Simply put, Carpenter doesn't like using her computer alone because it's a little challenging. So, Carpenter uses a family friend to help her pay bills online.

But back in February while they were trying to make an insurance payment electronically, the two women accidentally paid Sparkletts Water instead.

"She hit the button and accidentally paid Sparkletts $800," Carpenter said.

It was $801.03 to be exact. It happened because the Sparkletts payment line is just below the payment line for her insurance company.

Carpenter says she immediately realized the mistake and has contacted Sparkletts numerous times asking the water company to return the money.

"Have you ever been repaid?" Harper asked.

"No," she said.

Carpenter says she's been trying to get her money since Feb. 21, when the accidental transaction happened. As a result, Carpenter has an $800 credit on her Sparkletts Water account. At that rate, she's paid ahead more than four years.

But, she doesn't want a credit. She needs the money to pay other bills.

"I have car insurance to pay, and I need gas for the car," she told us.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved, and we went directly to the Sparklett's office in Phoenix.

"Hi, I was hoping to talk to a manager," Harper told an employee.

"OK, hold on," the employee said.

After leaving 3 On Your Side's phone number with a manager and also emailing Sparklett's corporate office, a company executive called us back.

After explaining Carpenter's overpayment, Sparkletts apologized and thanked 3 On Your Side for bringing the issue to their attention.

They also overnighted Patricia a check for just over $800. This senior citizen says she's happy to finally have her money back, and thanks 3 On Your Side for making it happen.

"When they found out that you and Channel 3 were involved, they said we better straighten this out because it could cause us a lot of problems and they decided lickety-split, let's do this," Carpenter said.

Sparkletts was very receptive once I brought the issue to the attention of the right person and 3 On Your Side appreciates the speedy resolution.

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