3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - It's kind of hard to forget about Amber Sulu and her Chevy Tahoe.

The SUV was badly damaged when a scam artist posing as a mobile repair technician drove up along Sulu and her husband and made a big promise out of the clear blue.

[WATCH: Scottsdale business repairs SUV of 'Dent Repair Scam' victim]

"He flagged us down and said, 'Hey boss! Hey boss.' That's because I was with my husband," she told 3 On Your Side. "'Your car is very ugly with those door dings. Let me fix your car for you.' And, we're like, 'OK.'"

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The couple allowed the scammer to follow them back to their west Valley home where for $700 in cash, he got to work on that SUV.

In fact, Sulu posted cellphone video on social media of the con man pretending to do something to her car. But when he was done, her shiny SUV was left with smudges and dull splotches all from an unknown chemical that he had applied.

Turns out, Sulu had just become the victim of something known as the "Dent Repair Scam."

"When you look at the damage, how do you feel knowing he caused it?" 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper asked.

"Angry," she replied. "I'm so upset."

Albert Rodriguez is a legitimate repair technician who owns a Scottsdale business called The Touch Up Team.

When he heard what a conman did to Sulu's SUV, he didn't hesitate to get involved.

He had Sulu bring her damaged SUV to his shop and told her to leave it overnight where he and his team could work on it.

"The majority of the damage we should be able to get cleaned up and buff and polish these areas," Rodriguez said as he looked at Sulu's vehicle. "And, then we'll do some minor touch up and get it cleaned to where she will be more than happy with it when we're done."

Rodriguez wasted no time getting to work.

First, he had to remove that mysterious coating that left Sulu's car with those dull spots. It was pretty labor intensive. He then removed many of those door dings and meticulously applied some touch-up paint. And, finally, he polished everything back to make the SUV look showroom new.

The next day, 3 On Your Side was there when Sulu returned for her vehicle.

"I am so happy. I could cry," Sulu said as she saw her vehicle. She couldn't believe her eyes and was basically left speechless.

A brief walkaround was all it took for Sulu to realize that her SUV looked even better than the day she bought it.

By the way, Rodriguez and The Touchup Team didn't charge Amber a dime for their services which amounted to around $2,000 if they did charge.

"Can I shake your hand?" Sulu said with tears in her eyes. "Thank you so much."

"No problem," Rodriguez said.

Gary Harper's 3 On Your Side reports air weeknights on 3TV News at 9.


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(6) comments

Phillup Witgas

Good man. Great story, finally. I had a guy just recently try to scam me in the grocery store parking lot with that old "my store had an over run on some great speakers ! Sell them to you at half price !" Really !!! They are still using that one ?!?!? When I turned a little and he saw my open carry he left. Quickly....


Thumbs up [thumbup] ... for the Touch-up Team!! It's always hard to find someone you can really trust to do this type of work. I just found someone!! [pirate]


Of course there driving a General Motors.. They are dumb.. Thats why they fell for that scam... Bet they think prayer works!!


The vehicle was an SUV... sorry for the confusion about whether it was a car or truck in my post.... She's still a fool for allowing some rando to touch her vehicle.


So, someone pulls up next to your car and offers to fix the dents in your truck? And you agree? Who is the fool in this scenario?


She’s still stuck driving a GM product, sad.

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