3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Dunia Polis has a home security video that she captured over a month ago. And the video angers her.

"I was livid. I was just so frustrated because I could see everything happening," she told 3 On Your Side.

According to Polis, the video clearly shows why her 2018 Jeep Cherokee wound up with a lot of damage.

"We looked at it a few times and we noticed the truck hitting my car," she said.

garbage truck ax

Six weeks later, Polis' car is still damaged.

It happened back in mid-April when Polis says she parked her Jeep in front of her aunt's home.

“I had parked my car the night before and nothing was wrong with it. It was perfectly fine. I always park up on the curb just in case," she said.

But when she came out the next morning, Polis discovered her Jeep's door mirror dangling and her door damaged. That's when she checked her aunt's surveillance video. And boy, she couldn't believe what she saw.

“I just lost my mind because I couldn't believe it," Polis said.

The video shows a City of Phoenix garbage truck picking up a neighbor's trash. But when the driver tries to back up, Polis says the truck comes into contact with her Jeep, knocking off her mirror and damaging her door. The driver then sits in the cab and it appears as if he's debating what to do next.

"That's what we all thought when we watched it. Like, 'Do I leave or do I say something?' And then he took off," said Polis.

Polis immediately reported the damage and said a City investigator came out to the house. And that's when she showed him the video.

"When he saw the video, you can tell right away that his face went blank,” Polis said. “He knew that we had enough proof that they hit my car."

However, six weeks later, Polis' car is still damaged. She manages to get around by taping the mirror to her door. So, Polis and family members contacted 3 On Your Side.

"You know, we got to call 3 On Your Side,” Polis remembers she and her relatives saying. “They got to get something done. They'll get the point across."

garbage truck accident

A formal decision to repair Polis' car hasn't been made, but she says clearly the City should pay for the repairs.

The City of Phoenix is now investigating the issue at my request. As a result, the City has told Polis to submit three repair estimates to them. A formal decision to repair Polis' car hasn't been made, but she says clearly the City should pay for the repairs.

“You refuse to pay money out of your pocket no matter what the cost is?” Gary Harper asked.

“Yes, I refuse,” she answered. “It's not my fault. I have evidence. I shouldn't have to, especially when I have evidence right now."

Again, the City of Phoenix is investigating the issue at 3 On Your Side’s request. I'll let you know what officials decide to do in a follow-up report.

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