3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - A Phoenix family says their mom wanted to get an estimate to repair her roof. Instead, she wound up with a contract, a contract they say she can’t get out of, so they contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

“I've just finished radiation and chemo,” said Genience Carroll.

[WATCH: 85-year-old Phoenix woman battling cancer trapped in roof repair contract]

The 85-year old is battling cancer and says between her medical treatments and her age, her memory has greatly deteriorated.

“It's getting a little worse. It wasn't too bad but it's actually getting worse each day,” Carroll said.

And her family, like her daughter Theresa Teeples, agrees.

“It's bad, it really is. It's decreased about 80% from when she was first diagnosed,” said Teeples.

We got a sense of just how foggy her memory is when we asked who the president of the United States is.

“Oh, God. Let me think of his name now. OK, wait a minute,” Carroll said.

It took a few minutes and finally, Carroll remembered.

Carroll and her family say her declining memory has got her into a tight spot with a roofing company called Bella Vista Public Adjusters.

According to Carroll, she received a flyer recently from the company advertising free roof estimates.

Since her roof is in bad shape in some areas, Carroll says she was interested in an estimate, but nothing more.

“I can't afford it right now. And, like I said with my health, I'm not gonna be around too much longer anyways, so this would be my kids' problem,” said Carroll.

Carroll and her family say Bella Vista Public Adjusters came out to give that free estimate. But, it soon turned into much more.

Teeples says she found that out when her mother's insurance company mailed her a check recently so Bella Vista could fix her roof.

“She got a check in the mail from the insurance company to get the roof going and then the company called right away, 'You got the check. We're ready to do that roof,'” said Teeples.

Carroll maintains she didn't file a claim with her insurance company and insists she doesn't have an interest in fixing her roof.

However, the company tells the family that Carroll signed a contract.

"I can't believe it. All I'm asking for is to cancel that contract," said Carroll.

3 On Your Side got involved and we contacted Bella Vista Public Adjusters, based out of Tucson.

They then had their attorney contact 3 On Your Side who reiterated that Carroll signed a contract with the roofing company.

In a letter, the attorney writes, "Acting on behalf of Ms. Carroll, and per her instructions, Bella Vista contacted State Farm to make a claim..."

He went on to say, "Ms. Carroll expressed that she was very happy with the situation..."

Regardless, the attorney wrote that Bella Vista will make the contract null and void.

“They sent us a letter stating that he, out of the goodness of his heart, decided to give in and cancel the contract,” said Carroll.

She said she’s relieved to be out of that contract.

“You guys (3 On Your Side) have been just great, answered all of our questions, made us feel at ease. Very pleased with you; we couldn’t have done it without you,” said Carroll.

The family says they have returned the check to the insurance company and they’re glad to finally put this matter behind them.


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