3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - A Phoenix couple says they were pretty happy to get new flooring installed in their home that is until they realized a $2,000 mistake was made.

Ever since R.J. and Angie Etchebarren moved into their Phoenix home, they've been making home improvements.

[WATCH: Phoenix couple says floor company won't refund them for extra material]

"We started with our kitchen cabinets and had those refinished, and then we did new countertops, put in a backsplash," Angie said.

And their biggest project was getting new flooring installed.

So, they hired a company called Home Solutionz, located in Tempe.

The company sent out a representative to measure the floor and came to the conclusion that between material and installation, it would be about a $10,000 project.

R.J. and Angie agreed, but after the floor was installed, the couple was left with nearly a dozen boxes of extra flooring.

"That's a lot. That's way too much," Angie said.

R.J. and Angie figured Home Solutionz simply over measured.

So, the couple got out their own tape measure, and the couple made a startling discovery.

"So, we did the simple math and realized, wait, based off what we ordered and what was used, the square footage was off," said R.J.

Apparently, Home Solutionz had over measured the area and wound up telling R.J. and Angie they needed more flooring than was actually needed, which is why they wound up with all those extra boxes.

"We love the flooring, the flooring itself is great," Angie.

But having all this extra material isn't great. And according to the couple, it amounts to around $2,000 in excess flooring.

When they brought the issue to the attention of Home Solutionz, the company offered to return only $500.

So, they contacted 3 On Your Side, and we got a hold of the company and spoke with Joe Darger with Home Solutionz.

"We're always about making a win-win situation and doing what's fair for the customer," said Darger.

Darger went on to say the extra boxes were a bit excessive. As a result, he says the company agreed to refund just over $2,250 the cost of the extra material.

"The job turned out beautiful. The customer should be happy with the job. We just had a little extra material. We're going to go ahead and refund it and take care of them," said Darger.

The $2,200 check is supposed to be on its way soon. When it arrives, we'll let you know in a follow-up report.


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(12) comments


She is very thin.


Hope they had a come to Jesus meeting with the guy who measured for the flooring. It was his fault there was so much left over. He forgot the old saw - "measure twice, cut once"

JF Conlon

They've got a whole house full of dark faux wood flooring? I pity the fools.


When a company doesn't even know how to properly spell "solutions" I'd be a little concerned about their abilities and professionalism. Call me suspiciouz...


How about checking your figures? "... the company agreed to refund just over $2,250 the cost of the extra material." v. "The $2,200 check is supposed to be on its way soon."


I usually don't give praise to a company, however on this one I will have to give my two cents worth. We recently had our floors replaced by a company that advertises they can get it complete in a short, and will do a good job. Well, they did more than a good job they did it in the time they told us, they did a Great job and the price was unbelievable reasonable. If I gave the name of the company this post probably be take down, so I will Express my gratitude by not mentioning a name, however they did it in the Expressed time, and an excellent job. It raised the value of our home also.


Are you on the clock? They do like to promote.


WarpedVet - Any chance you took some shrapnel to the head at some point? Just askin'...


Glad that these folks will get a refund for the full amount.


They were only going to refund the actual price of material, not the markup price invoiced the customer. Customer got shafted on the whole job.


What a silly story.


Good thing e did not measure e' s hinny for underwear. [ohmy]

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