3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - 3 On Your Side has followed a story about a fake Valley contractor named Don Libby, who is accused of ripping people off.

Recently he landed on the Registrar of Contractors' "Most Wanted" list.

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Once that list came out, 3 On Your Side found Don Libby.

"Hey Don, come on over and talk with me," said Gary Harper when 3 On Your Side was finally able to finally track him down.

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"Yes, sir?" asked Libby.

"You have a couple of warrants out for your arrest," said Harper.

"I went to the thing today," said Libby.

"You did? Good deal, what did you take care of"? asked Harper.

According to investigators, Libby has a habit of taking money for home remodeling jobs and disappearing.

Jennifer Flowers says he did it to her when she gave him $2,300.

"This was a big hardship, a big-money hardship to replace all of his mistakes," said Flowers.

Well, once Libby was put on that Most Wanted List, 3 On Your Side discovered where he was living, and we paid him a visit.

He agreed to talk with us and tells us he turned himself into court for two of his warrants that very morning and had the paperwork to prove it.

He also said he was turning himself in to handle the other two warrants the next day.

"You seem to keep ripping off people and getting into trouble," said Harper.

"I haven't been ripping anybody off lately," said Libby.

"This all stems from the past, though?" asked Harper.

"A couple years ago, yessir," said Libby.

According to Libby, he's eager to put the past behind him by repaying his victims through court-ordered restitution. And, he insists he's done with his old ways.

"Are you back on the straight and narrow?" said Harper.

"Yeah, it's just when this is the only thing you've done your whole life, it's…" said Libby.

"Kinda hard to quit?" said Harper.

"Yes, sir," said Libby.

"Let's get ahead of the curb and make things right, OK?" said Harper.

"Yes, sir, yes, sir," said Libby.

3 On Your Side will stay on top of those restitution payments. He still has two other active warrants he says he is in the process of getting resolved.


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