CORNVILLE, AZ (3 On Your Side) -- An Arizona man spent hundreds of dollars at the veterinarian trying to save his beloved dog after he says she ate recalled food. After struggling to get answers from the company, he now says he will be compensated for the bills he incurred after 3 On Your Side got involved.

Shawn Gordon’s dog, Heather, got sick in December.

"She shouldn’t have had to suffer," Gordon said. "We fought real hard to bring her back from where she was, and we couldn’t bring her back, so we decided to end her suffering and let her go and that was the hardest day."

Midwestern Pet Foods recalled multiple products that may contain dangerous levels of a mold called aflatoxin. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, at least 110 pet deaths and more than 200 other illnesses have been linked to the recalled food. After 3 On Your Side shared Gordon's story last month, he says the company agreed to cover his veterinary bills, which total about $600.

"I appreciate everything you guys did to help me, because what you guys did also in a way gave me some closure," Gordon said. "I can never see her wag her tail again. I can never see her happy face, but I know if I save the link that you sent me from the first story you aired, I can watch it and still see her smile."

Gordon hopes that furry smile and him sharing his story saved other pet parents from the same sadness he’s experienced.

"If nothing else, it got the message out there to the rest of the people that at least maybe they’d look at this dog food," he said.

Midwestern Pet Foods did not respond to 3 On Your Side's phone calls or emails, but in a statement posted to its website in January, the company said, "we continue a thorough review of our facilities and practices in full cooperation with the FDA."

The company also said it set up a call center with veterinarians who can answer customers’ questions.


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