A sports enthusiast in Peoria found himself targeted by a scammer who promised to send some sports memorabilia, but never did.

PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Steve Kahldon is a sports enthusiast with quite a story.

"I've met Muhammad Ali several times, Joe DiMaggio, Sandy Koufax, Hank Aaron," Kahldon proudly told 3 On Your Side.

While meeting celebrity sports figures, Kahldon always makes sure to get their autographs on something, whether it's cards, boxing gloves, or pictures. So, when Kahldon came across a Michael Jordan NBA card being sold for $1,621.50, he knew he had to have it and agreed to pay the seller using his credit card. The seller then claimed he would use FedEx to ship the item, but Kahldon says it never arrived.

"So, after 3 to 4 days, I sent the seller a message saying can you send me the status of the shipment and I don't hear back. And I go online, he's not a member anymore, and his page is gone," Kahldon said.

FedEx documents indicate not only was the item shipped overnight, but someone actually signed for it. Someone with the last name Wyatt.

But Kahldon says he's never heard of that name before and contacted FedEx.

"I give them the tracking number, and they say to me, 'Well, this is not you. It doesn't have your name on it. And it's not your address. We can assure you this is not you," he remembers them telling him.

It turns out it was all a well-orchestrated scam. According to Kahldon, the Michael Jordan NBA card probably never existed. As for the seller, he most likely sent an empty envelope through FedEx and then changed the shipping address.

"What I have gathered is the initial shipment starts with your address and name, but somehow the scammer goes into the FedEx account and changes the address," Kahldon said.

When the item is delivered to the second address and signed for by someone who thinks they just got a package, the scam is completed.

That's because Kahldon is unable to successfully dispute the $1,621.50 credit card charge. Why? Because bank investigators say, the FedEx documents indicate his item was "delivered" and "signed for."

"So, while you're sitting at home waiting 3 to 4 days for the package to arrive, it shows up at its destination, which is not you, and it appears that it has been received."

At 3 On Your Side's request, FedEx is now investigating the issue.

I also reached out to Kahldon's bank, and after providing them with additional FedEx documentation, I asked them to re-open Kahldon's fraud dispute.

They did, and after reviewing additional FedEx paperwork, they returned all of Steve's money. Kahldon says without 3 On Your Side, it would never have happened.

"I owe it all to Gary Harper. I've been trying to get my money for quite a while, and Gary did it in like three days."

And 3 On Your Side has more good news. The bank not only agreed to return $1,621.50, but they also returned an additional $1,600 because Kahldon was targeted in a similar NBA card scam about a week earlier.

So, in this case, Kahldon is getting all of his money returned, which amounts to $3,200.

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