PEORIA, AZ (3 ON YOUR SIDE) -- When it comes to cars, Jack Tobey says he always buys an extended warranty. He has one on his 2013 Cadillac and says he's used it a few times. "This car needed some air conditioner work," he explained

[WATCH: Thanks to '3 On Your Side,' Peoria man gets extended warranty refund]

It's the same reason Tobey says he bought an extended warranty for his 2011 Buick Enclave. "I have found over the years that when I use those warranties, I always seem to get my money's worth out of it," he said. "It's not like I'm buying something I never use."

Tobey says he bought the extended warranty for his Buick through a company called Delta Auto Protect. When he sold the car back in July, he canceled what was left of the extended warranty. He said Delta Auto Protect was supposed to prorate what was left on the contract and send him a check for $1,621.67. Several months later, he said he still didn't have his money. "I couldn't be more annoyed," he said.

Even though Delta Auto Protect sent Tobey an email acknowledging the cancelation and saying they'll refund him $1,631.67, Tobey said he couldn't get them to send his money. That's why he contacted 3 On Your Side. "Based on the results that I've seen when I watch your 3 On Your Side program, I am encouraged that I can get my money back."

When 3 On Your Side contacted Delta Auto Protect, the company couldn't explain why Tobey's refund hadn't been issued after nearly six months. A short time later, however, the company sent Tobey a check. Tobey says he couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side. "After I got in touch with Gary Harper, he took over and made the contact. And like I said, in a week to 10 days, I got the check and cashed it, and all is good," Tobey said with a smile.

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