3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - The arrival of a moving truck couldn't happen soon enough for Eric Quigley.

He just moved to the Phoenix area from Chicago, but he's been waiting for weeks for his goods to get here.

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"The whole moving process is pretty grueling," Quigley said.

Grueling because Quigley wound up paying nearly double the original moving quote. How does that even happen?

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When Quigley initially hired the moving company, he had to give them a $1,700 down payment just to get them to show up to his Chicago home.

But as soon as they arrived, Quigley said the movers whipped out more paperwork for him to sign.

"Before everything's loaded onto the truck, they started pulling out papers, telling me instead for me reading the stuff, they told me what was on there. And I just signed it, believing, telling me what I was signing," said Quigley.

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"So you signed kind of blindly?" asked 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper.

"I signed blindly, yes," said Quigley.

Believing the total moving cost was around $3,300, and delivery would take about four to seven days, Quigley added that he signed the paperwork without reading it through.

"Kind of took advantage of the fact I was very tired, kind of stressed out and kind of uneducated on everything," said Quigley.

Quigley says all of his items were then put on to the moving truck. But then days later, he said the movers called him.

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"Two days later I got a call saying that I now owed $2,000 immediately that I had to pay online, plus another $2,000 when the moving company came with my stuff so an additional $4,000," said Quigley.

It was an additional $4,000 that Quigley says he had no idea about. 

Just so you know, 3 On Your Side is obscuring the movers faces because they're separate movers who had nothing to do with the paperwork signed in Chicago.

Regardless, Quigley says he felt like he was getting taken advantage of. So, he called the Arizona Department of Public Safety which regulates movers in our state.

DPS officers, along with 3 On Your Side, were at Quigley's home when the moving truck arrived. That's when DPS and 3 On Your Side started looking at that paperwork that Quigley had signed blindly.

Apparently, Quigley had given his OK for the movers to take up to 30 days for the truck to reach the Phoenix area, not the four to seven days he was verbally told.

The paperwork also says Quigley agreed to pay the movers the extra money that he says he knew nothing about.

He approved it all and had no idea because on "moving day," it was a mess.

And some moving companies can use that stress-filled day to turn the tables on consumers.

"From talking to other people, reading online and experienced myself, they really don't care about the consumer. Once they have your money, once they have your stuff, they have all the power in the world," said Quigley. 

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