3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Rhonda Blair says she was out $1,100. "I'm just stuck because there is no other place to turn to get it back. That's a lot of money, and I trusted this company," Blair recently told 3 On Your Side. But, once she contacted 3 On Your Side, things turned around.

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Rhonda lives in Florida, but back in August, she called a Valley company called Arizona Southwest Shuttle to pick up her son in Apache Junction and take him to Sky Harbor Airport. However, instead of charging Rhonda's debit card $75 for the ride, the company charged her $1,175. Rhonda says she’s been trying to get her money back ever since then.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Woman charged $1,175 for a shuttle ride to Sky Harbor Airport]

After 3 On Your Side got involved, Arizona Southwest Shuttle apologized, saying they thought the overcharge was refunded back in August. After 3 On Your Side's involvement, the company immediately issued Rhonda a cashier's check for $1,100. “I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help,” she told 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper. “I never would have gotten this money had it not been for you and you intervening."

"I never would have gotten a cent,” she added. “It would have been a very small Christmas. But now, maybe we'll have a better one."

3 On Your Side also helped Iwana Mathews. The senior citizen's water had been shut off by the City of Phoenix for not paying a bill that had accumulated to $6,200. Until Mathews paid the bill, the city refused to turn her water back on. But, technically, she wasn't responsible for the non-payment. The unpaid bill was in her granddaughter’s name, who rented a house in another part of the city owned by Iwana.

"It hurts because I know my grandmother is sitting over there with no water,” said granddaughter Lasonrda Mathews. “We know how to fend for ourselves, but she's 81, it's hard for her."

[ORIGINAL STORY: Phoenix senior citizen hit with $6,200 water bill that's not hers]

After 3 On Your Side got involved, the City of Phoenix decided Iwana shouldn't have to pay the $6,200 bill and turned her water back on.

As for the water bill, the city is pursuing her granddaughter through a collection agency. "It really feels good to know that we have people like 3 On Your Side,” Iwana told us. “3 On Your Side when we need help."

And finally, 3 On Your Side helped get money back for McKenzie McCalahan. She was scammed out of $1,300 after she fell for something called the "Boss Scam." A scammer, posing as McKenzie's boss, texted her and asked McKenzie to purchase $1,300 in Google Play cards for the company. McCalahan was told several times that she would be reimbursed. McCalahan forwarded most of the money on those cards to the scammer. She then turned those cards over to her boss for reimbursement. That’s when she realized she had been scammed.

“She told me that is not my phone number. That's when I started crying," said McCalahan.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Phoenix woman duped after falling for the 'Boss Scam']

Harper asked, “That's when you realize you had been duped?” "Yes," she replied. Remember, McCalahan had already forwarded the money from the cards to the scammer. 3 On Your Side got involved, and with the help of Safeway where the Google Play cards were purchased, $1,100 out of the $1,300 was able to be recovered and returned back to McCalahan. “I’m so thankful. I initially contacted so many people like my bank and the store where I got the gift cards from, and even the police and everyone said there was nothing that I could do,” she said. “So, I was pretty much out of ideas, and the possibility of me getting my money back was very slim."

3 On Your Side sure is glad we were able to help these viewers. When you add up all the money the 3 On Your Side was able to save or recoup during the month of November, it amounts to $9,453. And for the entire year so far, it totals $217,572.

That’s a new record! And the year isn’t over yet.

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