PHOENIX (3 ON YOUR SIDE) -- A Florida woman who recently moved to Phoenix says she's having a tough time with her moving company.

From getting her goods delivered to figuring out what she owes, she says nothing seems to be panning out.

3oys oasis movers moving

The movers weren't exactly thrilled to see 3 On Your Side when we showed up. 

The movers weren't exactly thrilled to see 3 On Your Side when we showed up. But Deborah Rosselli was glad; she claims the moving company she claims has stressed her out.

“I'm going in circles.”

Rosselli says her life turned upside down last year when her husband, Vito, died. 

Following his death, Rosselli packed up all her belongings, hired a moving company and decided to fly from Tampa all the way to Phoenix. 

"I have one wedding picture of me and my husband that I carried on the plane with me because I always carry his picture and that's all I have." 

Rosselli's household goods were picked up by the moving company this past Thanksgiving and the amount, Rosselli says, was agreeable. 

3oy oasis movers moving

"I've never experienced something so magnificent as the support that you guys have given me and what you have done for me," Deborah Rosselli said.

"The total was $1,542." 

Rosselli says she made two payments totaling $1,000 with the balance of around $500 due when the truck arrived. 

However, during the move, Rosselli says other moving companies somehow took possession of her belongings, and her balance started to increase. 

She says she now owes $1,000. She reportedly was told her goods wouldn't be delivered if she didn't pay.

So, she called the Phoenix Police Department, which according to Rosselli, told her to contact 3 On Your Side. 

"Oh my God, that was the best piece of advice I received in many years."

After 3 On Your Side got involved, a moving truck did show up with Rosselli’s goods.

But there was still that new increased balance she was being forced to pay.

After some back and forth, the movers dropped the balance back to around $500.

"They were, you know, more willing to try to work things out when they did see you guys,"  Roselli said.

Moving company finally delivers household goods after 3 month delay

After settling the balance, Deborah Rosselli's household goods, which had been picked up before Thanksgiving, were delivered.

And after paying what she owed, Rosselli's belongings were finally unloaded. And she says she owes it all to 3 On Your Side. 

"I've never experienced something so magnificent as the support that you guys have given me and what you have done for me," she said. "And I would tell anybody out there that if you're stuck in a situation like this or have any type of problem like this to contact you guys because you're the true meaning of caring."

[RESOURCE: Arizona Department of Public Safety Household Goods Enforcement]


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(6) comments


this is why if I have to move cross country, im going to rent a large uhaul...grab a few guys from the front of home depot, and load it myself... If I decide to move again locally, im using Bulwark Moving. used them 2 times so far, and they are cream of the crop.

William Voorhees

I would never blame the victim, however buyer beware. You must always do your homework. There are a lot of great regulated Van lines available. There are also a few rogue companies that are unregulated. A few tips to remember when deciding on a Moving Company.
* Never make a down payment or deposit. A reputable company will never ask you for one. A rouge ( unregulated ) company will try to use scare tactics by asking “ what guarantees do you have that the moving company will show up if you do not make a deposit. “ This is false. With a service agreement, we are bound by Government regulations to arrive on time or we may be at fault for any delays .
* If it seems too good to be true it probably is . A relocation from Florida to Arizona even a small move would be in the neighborhood of $4000 with a reputable company. The company is also required to give you a delivery spread. If we do not make that spread you are entitled to a delay claim/reimbursement.
* Always have a representative do a pre-move in home survey. There should never be a cost associated with it. Try to get at least three estimates.
*Do your homework. The more knowledge you have when buying anything the more power you have. Selecting a moving company on cost alone is very foolish. You wouldn’t do it with a car or a home. Good moving companies are not cheap and cheap companies are not good.
If I were to move local or long distance below are a list of companies that I would research first .
Atlas Van Lines
United Van Lines / Mayflower
North American Van Lines.
Side note. The photo of the company above is not a reputable Van line/moving company. Their name is not on the side of the truck and no one is in uniform. Judging by the cost this client paid for her move and the fact that she had to make a deposit is a key identifier .

I’ve worked in the moving and storage industry my entire adult life. If anyone has questions regarding an upcoming relocation, please feel free to call me.

William Voorhees
Guardian Relocation-Atlas Van Lines


Moving companies are notorious for bilking their customers, damaging items and not reimbursing customers for their losses and hidden or extra charges. I had the opportunity to use a long distance mover only once - and I would rather sell my stuff than use one again. Why aren't there regulations in place to protect the consumer?

TRUMP supporter

Thank you Gary Harper for helping this lady in time of need.


Why isn't the company named? I wonder how much they paid off the "news" agency to keep their privacy.


You would think that moving companies would be controlled by the FTC or something. I have dealt with meat haulers and they are controlled. Once they agree to something I would demand an iron clad contract that neither party could get out of.

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