3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - It's hard to forget Lindsay Martinez and her unique problem.

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, the Mesa homeowner explained how a neighbor was reportedly feeding pigeons on a daily basis. As a result, the pigeons were ruining Martinez's roof to the point it has to be repaired.

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And then, there was the pungent odor the pigeons left behind.

"It's pretty intense," Martinez told us as she stood in her backyard.

As bad as the pigeon problem seemed to be, the neighbors reportedly causing the problem told 3 On Your Side that they're not to blame.

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"Your neighbors say you're feeding the pigeons and it's causing a nuisance," 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper asked the neighbors when he knocked on their front door.

"We're not feeding the pigeons," an unidentified man said. "The pigeons are coming here by themselves. We're not feeding the pigeons."

"Then how come there's so many of them around here?" Harper asked.

"Because we used to feed them, but we stopped them," the man replied.

Well, here's the update. After that 3 On Your Side report aired, the City of Mesa took notice and the City is now in the process of coming up with an ordinance that bans pigeon feeding altogether.

Other Valley cities already have similar ordinances.

Martinez says the ordinance can't come soon enough, claiming the large number of pigeons is a health risk.

"It's just not healthy all around," she said.

3 On Your Side also has an update on Thomas Greenwald. In a previous news report from last year, we told you how Greenwald was indicted for allegedly ripping off Kira Girard and her fiancé.

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They say the fake contractor accepted $175,000 for a remodeling job. However, much of his work was not up to code. For example, exposed wiring was left behind the walls.

And then, there's his contractor's license. He doesn't have one.

However, he proudly displays a contracting number on his advertisements. It's a number that belongs to a company he's not affiliated with.

It's something 3 On Your Side confronted him about two years ago.

"Are you licensed and bonded?" Harper told Greenwald as he read from one of the advertisements. "And, you say yes. And you give the license number right there."

"You just can't do that!" Harper added.

[PDF: Grand jury indictment of Tom Greenwald]

Well, here's the update. Even though Greenwald is charged with fraud and using another company's license, he hasn't gone to trial yet.

That's because Greenwald continually asks for his trial to be postponed and the requests have been granted by the court.

In fact, just this month his trial has been postponed once again to a future date.

Kira and her fiancé say they feel like they're being victimized all over again.

Of course, 3 On Your Side will stay on top of these two stories, and we'll let you know exactly what happens.

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