MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- When you enter Dennis Miller's backyard, you'll quickly see where he's leveled off an area to put a shed. “This is the garden area,” Dennis said as he showed 3 On Your Side around. “And this is where the shed it going to go."

Inside his Mesa home, Dennis showed us an online picture of the shed he purchased. “It's got double doors, metal doors and a skylight on top," he said as he pointed to the picture.

The shed is 8’ X 7’ and he purchased it from The price was $973.62. "Yeah, I figured I'd order it. I paid for it. And a week or two later, I would have the shed."

Well, the shed did arrive, but only half of it. Dennis took this picture of what he got. It says, "box 2 of 2" on the side of the big box. "Well, I go, 'where is box 1?'" Dennis remembers thinking.

Good question. So Dennis complained to Walmart, who, in turn, blamed the shipping company for not delivering box 1. "I called the shipper and they checked their records and said they received one box and they shipped one box. So, it’s a Walmart problem."

After a month of complaining to Walmart, Dennis says the retailer finally picked up box 2. But get this, Walmart also kept Dennis' money. "So, you have no shed and you’re out almost $1,000?" 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked. “Yeah,” Dennis replied. “About $973."

After 3 On Your Side contacted Walmart, the retailer told Dennis that both boxes will be delivered in the next 7 days. Dennis says he'll believe it when he sees it and says he'll never order anything off of again. "Going to a big retailer that doesn't focus on customer service? I don't think they need my business that bad," Dennis said shaking he head.

Dennis says he really does want the shed instead of a refund. So, we'll see if Walmart actually makes good on this latest offer to ship all of the shed. 3 On Your Side will let you know in a follow up report.

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