Teams working on finishing Mesa couple's bathroom

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- 3 On Your Side has an update on a Mesa couple who paid more than $8,000 to have their bathroom remodeled, but after getting the money, the company abandoned the job. Well, here's the latest.

"Look at this shower, isn't it nice?" Carol and John Capadona say they can't believe their master bathroom is almost completely remodeled and finished. "It's looking great, it's beautiful." But not long ago, it was a different story. 

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, the Capadona explained how their bathroom was left in shambles last November when the remodeling company they hired abandoned the job. "It is the remodeling job from hell," they told us then.

Mesa couple demands refund after remodeling delay

Of course, that was after the couple took out a loan and paid the business an $8,600 deposit to get the job started. But once that 3 On Your Side report aired, a licensed company called Orange Cactus Remodeling stepped up to make things right.

"I basically saw their story on 3 On Your Side," said Shane Robarge. He owns Orange Cactus and got things started by ripping out all the work that the other company started before vanishing. And get this, Robarge found vendors who were willing to donate material to get the Capadona’ s remodeling job done.

Mesa couple finally getting bathroom finished

In the end, the couple did not have to pay anything for the project that should have cost more than $7,000. "With vendors about $7,500 savings by saving on the glass and all the replacement of product we're doing in the bathroom, they said."

If that's not enough, listen to this. Remember the $8,600 dollars they initially paid? Well, the Capadona’s just recently got all that money returned by the finance company that loaned them the money.

When you add it all up, this Mesa couple is ahead more than $16,000 all because of a 3 On Your Side report. "You guys helped us out a lot, I recommend you guys to anybody." What a great ending. It happened because of a 3 On Your Side viewer and those vendors who donated material. So, we say thank you.

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