SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Scottsdale couple reportedly ripped off in a remodeling job -- a nightmare they say started back in 2017 when they hired a remodeling company -- has won a small victory.

"We're actually getting some justice, and there's no way this would have happened without 3TV, 3 On Your Side," Brandon Copeland said, explaining how he's finally getting a little bit of satisfaction.

[WATCH: Scottsdale couple grateful to 3 On Your Side]

In a December 2018 3 On Your Side report, Copeland and his wife Amanda explained how they hired a company called Bratton Construction, run by Ray Bratton, to remodel their Scottsdale home.

"I couldn't live in that house for two years because of this nightmare," Copeland said,

The couple said after they paid Bratton about $37,000 to get the project going, he eventually walked off the job. To make matters worse, Ray Bratton and his company were doing the Copelands' remodeling job while the company's license was temporarily suspended by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Technically, because the license was considered inactive, that meant that the Copelands were ineligible to seek financial help from the agency's Recovery Fund, which would have reimbursed the couple up to $30,000 for the money they had lost.

"So, he got out really on a technicality," said Copeland.

In our first report, 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper confronted Ray Bratton.

[WATCH: 3 On Your Side corners contractor over unfinished jobs: Part 1 |Part 2 ]

"I wanted to ask you a couple questions on some customers, you took…" but Bratton walked off before Harper could finish asking questions. "Hey, where are you going," asked Harper.

But Bratton didn't want to stick around to answer any questions.

However, following the 3 On Your Side's report, the ROC continued to aggressively pursue Bratton and eventually convinced a judge to hold Bratton accountable.

In a court order that was just released, the judge is demanding Ray Bratton to pay the Copelands $30,000 in restitution. That's the amount they could have received from the ROC's Recovery Fund had Bratton been properly licensed.

The judge also ruled that Bratton's license will remain suspended until he pays back every dime.

"It's exciting. Not only will we hopefully get to see that $30,000 but we know he won't be contracting with anybody else without a license. This wouldn't have happened without 3 On Your Side, to be honest. There was only so much that we could have done," said Copeland.

3 On Your Side reached out to Bratton Construction for comment regarding the court order, but we never heard back. 3 On Your Side will give a follow-up report once the Copelands start getting their money.


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(6) comments


Guy steals 37k and judge orders him to repay just 30k because that's all the ROC would do?!? Who cares what ROC would do. Guy needs to pay back 37k and any damages suffered.


People seriously do not think before they speak. They say they are so happy they are going to see the 30k hooefully followed immediately by and we are glad he cannit contract for anyone .... so genius how do you propose a contractor get you that money if he is not allowed to work for it? Pull your heads out and wait for the papers claiming u get nothing he goes under and he doesnt miss a beat. The ideal situation is let him work but report his jobs in writing to the investigator so he is held accoubtable and actual pays the noney he owes.


No. He can get a job flipping burgers now because he can't be trusted to do licensed work, and when he's paid back all the money then maybe he can be trusted again.


Unfortunately this loser will file for bankruptcy or never pay.. Seen it time and time again... You have to do your homework when hiring a remodeling company!!! Just looking at the loser , my douche meter is going off!!!

Phillup Witgas

What really sucks is the home owners had to go to a TV station to get any relief. Your average consumer has zero protections and we can be found at the bottom of the hill where you know what rolls into us........


I work in the industry. Every time I see stuff like this happen the homeowner went with the lowest bid, did not ask for references, and signed contract that did not state the scope of work and payment schedule in detail. At that point there isn't much law enforcement or anyone else can do even when its obvious they were screwed over by the contractor.

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