3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Darlene Rengel likes watching television. But, the window behind the TV is causing her problems.

"Yes, it's very bright here. I have a hard time watching TV," Rengel said.

And when it rains, Rengel says there's a bigger problem with that window.

"This window over here is leaking, so I wanted to close it off," Rengel said.

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Closing off the window entire, Rengel thought, was the best option.

So, Rengel looked around and found a company advertising in a neighborhood newspaper.

The name of that company was DNA.

"I contacted DNA handyman services," Rengel said.

Rengel says DNA claimed it could remove her window and basically turn it into a beautiful, painted wall. Since DNA says it has "honest" and "reasonable rates," Rengel hired the company.

For just over $1,100, DNA said not only could it wall off a section behind her living room TV, but also another window in a bedroom.

To get the jobs started, Rengel handed over $400 cash to a guy named Dennis Gray who runs the company.

But nearly a month later, Gray and his company DNA never returned, meaning no work was ever started.

"Not a thing, nothing nada," Rengel said.

Rengel says Gray claimed his truck has been in the shop which has forced him to delay her project.

But, Rengel says she's not buying it and wants her money back. 

When 3 On Your Side got involved and reached Gray by phone, he stuck to his story. 

"Told her the truck was still in the shop and it was in there for over a week and a half, and she had let me know that she was no longer interested in having me doing the project," Gray said.

3 On Your Side asked DNA and its owner if they would simply return Rengel's $400 and he agreed.

3 On Your Side has set a deadline for Rengel's money to be returned.

But while we wait, get this. The publisher of that local newspaper where DNA advertises tells us that DNA can no longer place ads with them because it has received several similar complaints regarding DNA.

"He has no business doing this to anybody," Rengel said.


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