3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - A Glendale man said he bought a computer from a major retailer and wound up getting billed twice for that one computer.

Steve Sumner thought the issue was resolved when he successfully disputed the mistake with his credit card company.

But then the retailer sent him to collections.

[WATCH: Glendale man wants money back after charged twice for laptop]

It all started when Sumner wanted to buy his son a laptop computer for college.

So, they got online and went to BestBuy.com, where they purchased a laptop for $1,364.99.

Sumner says using his credit card, he paid for the laptop in full and agreed to pick it up at this nearby Best Buy when it arrived.

When it did, the father and son say they went to customer service where an employee asked to see Sumner's credit card.

"And they had asked for it, and I thought it was their way of knowing my card had bought the computer," said Sumner.

"But you didn't know they were going to charge it again," said 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper.

"No idea," said Sumner.

But that's exactly what happened. Best Buy charged Sumner another $1,364.99 for the same computer he already paid for online.

Sumner says he discovered the mistake when he got his credit card statement.

It clearly states the purchase at BestBuy.Com and then again at Best Buy.

"So, I contacted my credit card company and disputed it. And they were like, 'OK, we'll take care of it.' And, I didn't hear anything else," said Sumner.

That is, until now. Twelve months later, Sumner got a notice from a debt collector saying he owed $1,364.99 for that erroneous charge he disputed.

"What's it like being in collections for something you don't owe?" asked Harper.

"Very aggravating and stressful," said Sumner.

Best Buy said it's a complicated mess that they're trying to sort out, but they are actively investigating thanks to 3 On Your Side.

We'll let you know what they decide to do in a follow-up report.


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