3 ON YOUR SIDE (3TV) - Here's an update on a fake contractor who reportedly vanished with thousands of dollars from Valley homeowners. However, the long arm of the law has finally caught up the guy.

3 On Your Side has been investigating this fake contractor for nearly a decade and with every report, he would eventually skip town, but it appears his luck may have run out.

“I think he looks like he’s been on the run for a while,” said homeowner Julie Lentz.

The fake contractor’s name is Kevin Allen and now has another recent mugshot after 3 On Your Side assisted law enforcement officials in tracking him down.

Lentz is just one of Allen's scam victims and says she couldn't be more satisfied knowing he's now behind bars.

“Wow, I just see busted across his forehead,” said Lentz.

Allen, along with a family album of mugshots he's collected over the years, has been featured in several previous 3 On Your Side reports.

In fact, most recently, several viewers explained to 3 On Your Side how they gave Allen different amounts of money, totaling thousands of dollars to fabricate and install some fashionable barn doors.

But instead, he vanished with their cash and their trust.

“Very betrayed and very trusting, but that will never happen again,” said homeowner Linda Nick.

"It makes me mad,” said another victim and homeowner, Jacquie North.

“He's just a predator and he's preying on really nice people who just want to help out local businesses,” said Amanda Cain, who was also one of Allen’s victims.

In previous news reports, 3 On Your Side followed up on several known addresses for Allen to get answers but, he always seemed to be one step ahead and had already moved on.

However, we did know that Allen was wanted out of Colorado for a probation violation and had a nationwide extraditable warrant.

That's when we learned Allen was in nearby Huntington Beach, California where new victims say they too were ripped off by Allen.

3 On Your Side told Huntington Beach police about Allen and his Colorado warrant.

Officers there wasted no time arresting Allen and extraditing him back to Colorado for that outstanding warrant.

And yes, in Colorado, he had another mugshot taken to add to his collection.

“It just blows my mind that it didn't even phase him that he would continue doing it in another state. I'm grateful that you guys didn't give up and you continued pursuing him,” said Lentz.

Allen currently remains jailed in Colorado. He’s due in court for his next hearing in April.


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